Tinker Tailor

There's something brewing in Porirua City... and we're excited!

Porirua City has so much going for it but until recently there was something missing, our own craft brewery. 

Enter Tinker Tailor – the brainchild of three beer aficionados and budding entrepreneurs, husband and wife team Erica and Tim Hodgkinson, and Whitby-based John Justice. 

The company’s name itself encompasses the ethos behind the brewery – the Tinker, a mad scientist who’s mischievous, experimental and a bit of a rogue, and who brings a bit of the unexpected, and the Tailor, a craftsman of reliable, refined, and intelligent taste who you can always count on to supply a great beer, brewed to perfection.

This sense of fun permeates everything the team does, says Erica, who as an experienced planning and policy contractor is in charge of Tinker Tailor’s compliance, as well as marketing, tasting, and brewer wrangling. 

Still in its start-up phase Tinker Tailor secured a location in Plimmerton and had its first public outing at Beervana 2017, providing a taster of its beer range. Even before its website was up and running Tinker Tailor was already being touted as a brewery to watch. 

“It’s been an exciting journey becoming the first craft brewery in Porirua City", says Erica. "We were eager to start a family-based business. Not surprisingly really, craft brewing really jelled as an idea that we could run with."

“The process of a start-up is challenging and rewarding – you learn a whole raft of skills. It’s a bit like having about eight different work streams on the go. The council was very enthusiastic and facilitated meetings for us with regulatory staff and providing contacts for the Chamber of Commerce, and kept in touch about promotional opportunities. 

“We secured a great warehouse in Plimmerton that is being transformed into a customised brewery. It’s a very easy commute for Tim and I, who live in Wellington. The train drops us just over five minutes from the brewery.” 

Tinker Tailor officially opening on 27 February 2018.

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