Responsible dog owners

We're big fans of responsible dog owners, who pay lower registration fees for their kuri.

Applying to become a responsible dog owner

To apply for responsible dog owner status, come to our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, and fill in the form. (This form is not available online.) 

If you qualify you'll be able to enjoy lower dog fees - saving $32 for a neutered dog and $34 for a non-neutered dog.

The scheme is free to sign up for in most cases.

To qualify as a responsible dog owner, please:

  • apply before 1 June.
  • register your dog(s) by 1 August each year.
  • have a fully fenced section or area on your property where the dog(s) can be contained so they can’t get onto the street.
  • have your dog(s) microchipped. 
  • comply with the Porirua City Council Control of Dogs Bylaw Part 5 and the Dog Control Act 1996.
  • have had no complaints made about your dog(s) in the previous 12 months.
  • clean up after your dog(s) in any public place.
  • make sure the property where the dog is kept can be inspected during normal working hours.

You must also keep us updated about:

  • your current contact telephone number/s.
  • details of any new dogs in your care, litters born and dog deaths.
  • the name and address of the new owner if you sell, swap or give away your dog.

You won’t be eligible for the discount if your dog or dogs are:

  • hunting or farm dogs.
  • dangerous breeds or types.
  • classified as dangerous.
  • the reason for any nuisance or other complaint we receive.

How to apply

Apply for responsible dog owner status before 1 June so we can do a site inspection before the start of annual dog registration on 1 July.

Come to our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, and fill in the required form. (This form is not available online.)

 An Animal Control Officer will make a time during normal working hours to inspect your property. The officer will assess whether the site and dog accommodation are suitable and hygienic.