Burials & cremations

All new burials are at Whenua Tapu Cemetery. Porirua and Pāuatahanui cemeteries are available for second interments and prepurchased family plots.

Contact and advice

If you have general enquiries about our cemeteries, or want to organise a visit to choose a plot, please phone the cemetery office on (04) 239 9078 during business hours. Our team can also help with advice regarding funeral arrangements.

For advice these pages provide some useful information:

For burial and cremation bookings, phone us on (04) 237 1433. A funeral director will generally make these arrangements for you.

Hiring our chapel

You can hire the Whenua Tapu Crematorium chapel for a pre-committal or burial service and refreshments.  There is a hire fee for the chapel.

To make a booking, either your funeral director can arrange it, or you can phone us on (04) 237 1433.  Tell us what type of service you want and the start/end times, making sure you allow enough time for setting up and clearing away.

Burial and cremation forms and fees

Fees apply from 1 July 2017 and include GST.

Description Fee
Adult burials - plot and interment, including grave mats and lowering devices $2,158
Over standard sized burial row - plot and interment $2,555
Double depth burial $96
Over standard sized caskets - extra width fee $90
Oblong casket - extra width fee $197
Adult second interment $1,165
Serviceman's burial - interment only, no plot fee $1,165
Out of District full size adult plots fee - surcharge in addition to plot fee $1,209
Disinterment fee $2,116
Description Fee
Children (under 1 year) - plot and interment $743
Children 1-10 years - plot and interment $1,010
Stillborn (children's section) - plot and interment $671
Children (up to 10 years) 2nd interment (Adult section only) $549
Out of District Children's Plot Fee - surcharge in addition to plot fee $397
Description Fee
Ashes, monument and garden plot $907
Ashes and plaque plot $548
Serviceman's ashes plot No charge
Ashes interment fee - all plots $95
Out of District ashes plot - surcharge in addition to plot fee (except where cremated at Whenua Tapu) $214
Scattering of ashes from another crematorium in native bush $69
Description Fee
Adult cremations (11 years of age and over). Medical fee included. $517
Children 1-10 years (rimu urn included) $336
Stillborn and children under 1 year (rimu urn included) $99
Cremation, interment and monument/garden plot - package $1,423
Cremation, interment and plaque plot - package $1,078
Description Fee
Adult and child burials - funerals extending beyond 4 pm $214
Adult and child burials - surcharge for Saturday burials, in addition to all other burial fees $713
Cremations/services later than 4 pm (Monday to Thursday), surcharge/late fee in addition to all other cremation fees $157
Cremation/services from 4 pm Friday to 8 am Monday, surcharge/late fee in addition to all other cremation fees $229
Description Fee
Permit to erect monument $75
Rimu Urn $82
Description Fee
30 minutes only $99
60 minutes $136
90 minutes $204
120 minutes (2 hours) $272
2-1/2 hours $340
3 hours $408
3-1/2 hours $476
4 hours $544
Description Fee
Book of Remembrance (basic 2 line inscription) $90
Bronze Memorial wall plaque (150mm x 100mm) $236
Standard inscription $25
Extra inscription $25
Genealogical enquiry search fee $17