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Alert Level 2
Most Council facilities are open and will be operating under the Level 2 guidelines, keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates or visit our Covid-19 Services and facilities page. For up to date information about alert levels, community cases, and getting tested visit and

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Find a carpark

We have hundreds of free parks here in Porirua City. Park all day at the train station or shop till you drop for hours and enjoy free parking!

Free parking near the shops

Free parking is available for up to two hours in the central business district and suburban shopping centres. The maximum parking times are signposted. 

Free all-day parking is  available near Porirua’s central business district and the Porirua and suburban railway stations.

Check the restrictions for private parking areas such as customer car parks outside supermarkets, as these may differ from council car parking requirements. We have no authority in private parking areas.

Pay by Plate parking

Pay by Plate parking is a paperless parking payment system that works by using your vehicle's licence plate number. You do not need to return to your vehicle to display a ticket as your vehicle’s licence plate number is used to confirm your parking has been paid.

There are two Pay by Plate parking areas on Hagley Street which provide parking between 8.00 am and 5.00 pm from Monday to Friday. There’s a maximum charge of $7.50 per day. The weekends are free.

All machines accept coins and credit cards. A 50-cent transaction fee applies to credit card payments. You can also pay for your parking using the free mobile app PayMyPark or pay online at


To pay for your parking, just enter your vehicle licence plate number and pay for the amount of time you want to park.

You will not receive a paper ticket and a ticket does not need to be displayed in your vehicle.

1.    Enter the correct vehicle licence plate number and check that your vehicle licence plate number is correct. If you have entered a wrong licence plate number, select cancel and start again. If the licence plate number is correct, press 'OK'.

2.    Select your payment option - coins or card. If you are using coins to pay, enter coins until your desired parking time is shown on the screen and press 'OK'. If you are using a debit or a credit card to pay, select the time period by selecting “MORE” or “LESS” until your desired amount of parking time is reached. Then press 'OK'. The display will prompt you to either insert your card or present your card to the PayWave reader.

3.    The meter will ask if you want an eReceipt (electronic receipt). If you select “YES” it will display a 4-digit code and the web address ‘’ where you can download your eReceipt.

4.    Once your transaction is complete, the machine returns to the main screen. Please note that if this doesn’t happen, the transaction is not complete.

5.    If you want to check your parking time, you can re-enter your vehicle licence plate number at any Pay by Plate machine and it will display the remaining parking time.

Credit card or debit card

You can use your credit or debit card (50c transaction fee applies). Cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard and American Express credit cards, and Visa debit cards. All machines also have tap and go functionality.


New Zealand coins are accepted at the Pay by Plate parking meters. Please check the machine for details.

You are required to correctly enter your vehicle licence plate number. The machine will show the plate number you have entered and the time selected before you can finalise the transaction.

If the plate number is wrong select 'Cancel' and start again. Pay by Plate does not have the ability to look up the vehicle licence plate number you entered to check that you have entered a valid plate number.

If you enter the wrong licence plate number into the machine and press “OK” at the confirmation screen, the transaction cannot be reversed or credited at the Pay by Plate machine.

If you enter the wrong licence plate number, an infringement notice may be issued as your vehicle plate number will not show any payment on the system.

Pay by Plate machines do not issue a paper ticket and if you require a GST receipt for business or other purposes just follow the instructions on the screen which will appear after you make your payment.

Steps to get a receipt:

  1. When you complete your payment using a pay by plate machine, the machine will display a message asking if you want an eReceipt. Select “YES” if a receipt is required.
  2. A 4-digit receipt code will be shown on the screen together with a link to the My Receipt website. Make sure you record the reference number, an easy way to do this is to take a photo of it with your phone or jotting it down.
  3. Visit website and enter the 4-digit receipt code and the vehicle licence plate number.
  4. Choose to save/print the eReceipt.

If you are likely to use the system on a regular basis you can register your email address on the website.

eReceipt not found

If you have entered your 4-digit receipt code and licence plate number in to and then get the message “No transaction found”, it is possible that you have entered the incorrect licence plate number either in to or in to the machine at the time you paid.

Please check your licence plate number and try again.

Download the free PayMyPark app from the App Store or Google Play..

If you don't have a smartphone, you can also pay for parking online by going to the PayMyPark website (

You can choose to pay per session as a casual user or set up an account. Casual users pay a fee on each transaction (50c), while account holders only pay when they transfer money to their PayMyPark account. Account holders can also use a start-stop function, which means they only pay for the time they've parked.

Businesses can set up one account for all staff members to use. 

-          You only pay for the time you've parked – no need to guess how long you need to pay for parking.

-          You can receive an alert when your paid parking is about to expire and extend your time remotely (time restrictions still apply).

-          If you finish early, you can stop the parking time and get a refund to your account.

-          Businesses can simplify their parking costs with one account for all vehicles.

If you are parked in a paid parking area in Porirua:

  • By law, any vehicle parked in a paid parking area must have a valid parking session during the hours of operation.
  • A valid parking session is one where the vehicle licence plate number of the parked vehicle has been entered into a parking machine and payment has been processed.
  • Failure to have a valid parking session may result in an infringement notice being issued.
  • You are required to correctly enter the vehicle’s licence plate number. If you enter a wrong plate number an infringement notice may be issued.
  • Motorcyclists must have a valid parking session to be considered legally parked.
  • Payments made at parking machines are final, and Porirua City Council does not provide refunds for unused portions of parking sessions.

You can phone our Contact Centre any time on 04 237 5089 or email

Parking for Council visitors

If you’re visiting the Council on official business, you may use our car park in Blue Heron Lane, off Hagley Street opposite the Council Administration Building. 

Please give our Customer Services Centre your vehicle registration number when you arrive.

If you have questions about parking in Porirua City, phone our Customer Services Centre on phone (04) 237 5089.

Mobility carparks

We provide specially marked spaces in public parking areas for people with disabilities who have an Operation Mobility permit. These wider parking spaces are close to services and shops.

To use a mobility parking space, you need to  display a current mobility parking permit.

If you have a mobility parking permit, you may also park in an ordinary council car parking space for twice as long as the sign posted time limit. You must clearly display a current permit and park correctly. 

The Operation Mobility scheme is operated by the CCS Disability Action.

Access Aware App

Report mobility park abuse with the Access Aware App.  Provided by CSS Disability Action.

Download from  Google Play or Apple store 


You can search for a mobility carpark on the interactive map below, or download one of these pdf maps (CBD only):