Asset management

Assets help deliver our activities. A large portion of our total expenditure relates to renewing, improving, and growing our asset base.

What is asset management?

Asset management planning is “knowing” about assets: what they are, where they are, what condition they are in, and how much they are worth.  We also look at what level of service is expected of our assets and at what cost.  It's crucial to know how they are performing, what extra capacity they have, and what future capacity is required.  We also need to know when they need to be replaced or upgraded, what that will cost, what further works are required to meet future demand, and what improvements are programmed.  All this information is collated and included in our asset management plans.

Porirua City's Asset Management Plans

Porirua City's Asset Management Plans (AMPs) have been finalised as part of preparing our next Long-term Plan.

We’re required to include this information in the Long-term Plan to show how we’re managing the city’s strategic assets. The AMPs take into account forecast population growth and the condition of the assets, and show how we plan for maintenance and asset replacement, and the expected costs.  

We review the plans at least every three years to make sure they’re still relevant.

There are Asset Management Plans for seven asset classes:

These have all been reviewed and updated in June 2015.