Submissions and Further Submissions

We are now calling for further submissions

We had a great response to our call for submissions with more than 270 submissions received between 28 August and 20 November 2020.

Further submissions must be received by 5pm, Tuesday 11 May 2021 (see official public notice).

This is not a call for new submission points, but an opportunity to support, oppose or comment on someone else’s submission.

How to make a further submission

You can make a further submission by filling out this form and following the steps outlined below.

If you are unsure whether you can make a further submission or if you would like to speak to a Council officer directly about making a further submission, feel free to call 04 237 5089 or email:

Quick guide to making a further submission.

Quick guide to making a further submission on the PDP.jpg

Use our guide below to making further submission for help or frequently asked questions.

What is the Proposed District Plan?

The District Plan is the rulebook for how land can be used. It applies to every property and provides the blueprint for how Porirua will grow. It also sets out how we will look after the things in our city that we value.

Where are we now?

We’ve received lots of submissions on our Proposed District Plan and some of the submissions may impact you directly. If so, you now have the chance to make what’s called a further submission.

What is a further submission?

A further submission is made either in support of, or opposition to, another person’s submission. They must be limited to the matters that were raised in submissions. It gives you the chance to consider the impact an original submission may have on you, and to have your views considered alongside the original submission.

Who can make a further submission?

To make a further submission you must have an interest that is greater than that of the general public, or represents a relevant aspect of the public interest. Some submissions we’ve received are requesting substantial changes to the Proposed District Plan. For example, some are asking that we allow much taller buildings in residential areas, and re-zoning of residential areas to medium or high density.  This is your opportunity to voice your support or opposition to any submission you believe may affect you.

How do I view the summary of decisions requested and original submissions?

We have summarised submissions into two reports to make it easier for you to find and search for submissions that may affect you. The reports and the original submissions can be viewed below on this webpage.

The summary of decisions requested reports can also be inspected in hardcopy at the below locations:

  • Porirua City Council, Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua
  • All Porirua libraries

How do I make a further submission?

You can make a further submission by filling out this form.

The completed form can then be sent to us via:

  • Email:
  • Post: Proposed District Plan, Environment and City Planning, Porirua City Council, PO Box 50 218, Porirua City’
  • Delivery: Ground Floor, Council Administration Building, Cobham Court, Porirua City, marked “Attention: Proposed District Plan, Environment and City Planning”.

Need a hand?

The summary reports are complex and we would welcome the opportunity to help you understand them.

You can make an appointment to talk to a member of our friendly planning team. Please email or call: ph 04 237 5089

If you would like help making a further submission, an independent ‘Friend of the Submitter’ service is available. Please email or call ph 021 532 284

What are the Summary of Decisions Requested reports?

These are a summary of the decisions requested by submitters on the Proposed District Plan. There are are arranged into two reports 'by submitter' and 'by topic/chapter':

Summary of Decisions Requested by Submitter

Summary of Decisions Requested by Topic/Chapter

The reports are in table format and contain a summary of the ‘decisions requested’ along with relevant commentary. Each decision requested has a unique submission point number, and states whether it supports, supports in part, opposes or seeks amendment to a particular provision. In some cases, the decision requested is not specified.

You’ll see that some decisions requested include text with underlining. This means that a submitter is seeking additional or amended wording in the Proposed District Plan. Other text is shown with a line through it. This is where the submitter is seeking that wording be deleted.

If you are planning on making a further submission on a decision requested, we encourage you to read the relevant original submission to fully understand the context.

How to find out if a submission affects you or your property

Some submitters have sought a change to the zoning of land, and we’ve identified these in the summary reports under ‘Planning Maps’ and ‘Rezoning’. These decisions requested can affect multiple properties.

Other decisions requested relate to the schedules and overlays e.g. Significant Natural Areas. Some are on specific areas in the District e.g. Whitireia Park.

Decisions requested may also relate to rules that apply across the city that may affect your property e.g. a rule about the height of buildings in the General Residential Zone.

Do I need to make a further submission?

You are not required to make a further submission. If you made an original submission that submission still stands.

However, this is an opportunity to submit on other submissions. This is important as you may wish to support or oppose other decisions requested.

How do I serve my further submission on other parties?

A copy of your further submission must be served on the original submitter within 5 working days after it is served on the Council, using this submitter contact list.

Viewing the Summary of Decisions Requested

To assist in reading submissions and deciding if you want to make a further submission, we have created Summary of Decisions Requested reports.

These reports list the main points made by each submitter, including their reasons and what outcome they seek from the hearing panel’s decisions.

Kāinga Ora’s requested changes to zoning

A number of submissions have requested significant changes to the Proposed District Plan. In particular, Kāinga Ora has requested changes that could affect a large number of properties in the City.

View this online map to see where Kāinga Ora has requested changes to zoning.

Friend of Submitters

We understand that RMA processes can be a little daunting, so a 'Friend of Submitters' is available to assist in making a further submission.

Emily Bayliss is a qualified planner who is fully independent and has had no involvement in developing the Proposed District Plan. A brief introduction from Emily is available here.

To contact Emily for assistance please email or phone 021 532 284.

Viewing original submissions

You can view and download original submissions and related documents provided by submitters below.