What is the streamlined planning process?

The streamlined planning process (SPP) is an alternative plan making process under the Resource Management Act. The proposed SPP would enable Porirua to progress plan changes to the Porirua Operative District Plan quickly in order to meet our housing needs and improve social and economic outcomes for the community.

Progressing plan changes under the SPP will ensure that developments in the north and east of the city proceed in an integrated, efficient, holistic way to enable quality growth in Porirua. It will allow us to apply a more customised and targeted engagement process with the community than would be possible with the standard plan making process. 

The SPP allows processes and timeframes to be customised to achieve a faster outcome. This will help us respond to our housing needs in a timely manner, while still ensuring high quality outcomes that reflect the aspirations of our community.  

A local authority must apply to the Minister for the Environment to use the SPP. This application involves demonstrating that key criteria have been met. If approved the Minister makes a direction on the timeframes and steps required to be followed for the proposed plan change. 

In addition to the ability to speed up the standard ‘1st Schedule’ plan change process, the key difference is that under the SPP, the Minister for the Environment is the decision maker (not Council) on the proposed plan change and the process removes appeal rights for all parties.

The SPP still provides significant opportunities for public and stakeholder participation, including formal submissions and a hearing. 

Further information on the streamlined planning process can be found on the Ministry for the Environment website