How is the draft District Plan different?

The draft District Plan is a substantial update and improvement from our current District Plan.

The draft District Plan is a substantial update and improvement to our current District Plan. It aims to enable economic and residential growth while protecting the things that make Porirua special, as well as addressing increasing risk from natural hazards. 

Some of the key changes are:

Introduces an over-arching direction by giving clarity on what the Plan is trying to achieve as a whole. This will help to guide applicants, submitters and decision makers around significant resource consents or plan changes.

Leads to better outcomes for waterways which feed into the harbour through water sensitive design, as well as protection for significant natural areas, coastal and riparian areas, and landscapes.

Encourages a variety of housing types in response to a changing market, including new zones for medium density residential developments (town houses, low level apartment buildings) and rural residential living.

Establishes the city centre as the focal point for commercial, retail and community activities, identifies and protects industrial land resources, and identifies and promotes areas for mixed use development to provide greater flexibility for business.

Developed in partnership with Ngāti Toa, their values and principles will be interwoven and provide direction throughout the plan.

Encourages quality development through introducing a multi-unit residential design guide and a central city design guide based on good practice urban design principles.

Robust risk-based policy to proactively address flooding, fault rupture, tsunami, coastal erosion and inundation, and liquefaction. These are being developed and implemented through community involvement and consultation.

Introduces the District Plan in a digital format. Although it doesn’t have the same level of functionality as it will when the Plan is notified in 2019, it's easier to use than the current District Plan format.