Make your Mark 2017

We're reviewing the District Plan in partnership with Ngāti Toa. It's the blueprint for Porirua’s future land use. Have we got the issues right?

How we reduce natural hazard impacts

climate change, rising sea levels, erosion, landslips, flooding, earthquakes, resilience

How we look after our environment

bush, landscapes, trees, development, harbour, character, significant natural areas

How we live and grow

growth, affordability, character, housing, heritage, safety, earthworks, signs, lights, noise

How we do business

city centre, growth, employment, zoning, design, villages, pedestrian friendly

How we move

roads, buses, trains, bikes, transmission gully, walking, pedestrians, connected communities

How we play

parks, harbour, playgrounds, recreation, walkways, public access, streams, coast

How to find out more

frequently asked questions, key documents, reports, studies, timeline

How to find us

events, meetings, contact us, make your mark, share your thoughts, have your say