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This is where you'll find lots of information about Porirua's District Plan Review, plus some key documents that outline the research and reports behind it, and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

The Porirua District Plan is a document that manages the balance between development and use of the environment, while protecting and safeguarding it for future generations. It sets a framework for land-use planning, and imposes provisions and rules to protect it.  We are required to prepare a District Plan under the Resource Management Act.

The District Plan guides how we use our land in Porirua by balancing city growth with respecting the environment. There’s no money involved. 

 The Long-term Plan includes the services our community wants, what they cost and how they will be funded.

We are required by law to review our District Plan every 10 years. The current District Plan became operative in 1999. Until 2014 the District Plan was renewed in a rolling review basis – where individual chapters of the plan are reviewed one at a time. This review is a full review which addresses all topics within the plan at once.

This preliminary engagement phase is about shaping the draft District Plan. 

It's an opportunity for you to influence what we focus on and what aspects we change in our land use planning. 

It's about identifying what issues are important to you and telling us whether you think we are on the right track with the themes and issues we’ve identified so far. 

The draft District Plan will be available for review in October 2018.  

In 2015, consultation was carried out on a number of chapters that make up the District Plan; however only some topics were covered.  That feedback has been incorporated into the themes and issues we’ve identified for this current round of engagement.

This time we are doing a full-review of the District Plan because we believe this approach will give us the best outcome.

If you gave feedback in 2015, we would love to hear from you again.

Your feedback will help us create a draft District Plan that we will consult on again in October 2018.

  • 16 October to 24 November 2017 - preliminary engagement to identify key community issues and themes
  • October 2018 – wide public engagement on draft District Plan that has been shaped by preliminary engagement  
  • 2019 - intended date for notification and formal submissions on the proposed District Plan
  • 2020 - Porirua District Plan operative, subject to the outcome of hearings

Your feedback will help shape the draft District Plan, which will go back out for public consultation in October 2018. 

The District Plan decision making process is ultimately up to the elected Council - but that final document will have been shaped by the feedback we receive from you.

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