How we do business

city centre, growth, employment, zoning, design, villages, pedestrian friendly

What’s it all about

This is about how we support business and the development of our city centre to create employment opportunities by encouraging vibrancy and activity. 

It's also about ensuring  that development of our local centres is appropriate and that we have enough space zoned for business to support its growth across the city.


We want to create a vibrant and active city centre that is Porirua’s core centre of business. Our harbour, streamside areas and green spaces should be incorporated into our business environment along with improving the experience for pedestrians and enhancing transport connections.

We propose to do this by:

  • reviewing zoning to direct development and investment in the city centre
  • reducing minimum parking standards in the city centre
  • identifying outer areas of the city centre to accommodate big box development and its parking requirements
  • identifying key pedestrian and transport routes within the city and encouraging veranda cover and active street edges 
  • introducing good urban design standards
  • encouraging a variety of activities, such as retail, office, residential and hospitality, in the city centre
  • encouraging compact residential living in the city centre
  • utilising space efficiently

Porirua has a strong network of village and suburban centres that are not well-recognised in our District Plan. We want to enable development that reflects their character and community aspirations, and encourage a range of housing styles by: 

  • explicitly zoning local centres so they have their own rules in the District Plan, allowing for local variations where appropriate
  • encouraging development that reflects good urban design that respects the character of the area
  • providing for townhouses and medium density housing around local centres

We want to support business growth in our city by having enough land in the right places with appropriate rules around it by:

  • locating commercial and industrial land to take advantage of transport networks
  • ensuring there is adequate space zoned to meet demand for future growth
  • having rules for the various zones that are clear and easy to use
  • providing the right mix of business and residential use