How we play

parks, harbour, playgrounds, recreation, walkways, public access, streams, coast

What’s it all about

This is about how we support our community to enjoy a wide range of activities and have easy access to quality parks.  

We also want to ensure access to Te Awarua-o-Porirua-Harbour and waterways is protected and improved.


We need to provide good access to our parks, open spaces and waterways and ensure our zoning is correct so we have enough parks in the right places for our communities to enjoy. It's also important new development embraces the harbour and our recreation spaces.

To do this we propose to:

  • focus activities and recreation opportunities along the coast while maintaining and improving public access
  • consider design guides that encourage parks and connections to them be included in master plans for all large-scale developments 
  • introduce a requirement for esplanade reserves or strips when subdivision occurs or setback requirements for new buildings along a waterway or the coast so future public access is not compromised and the natural character is maintained
  • consider design guides that outline principles for buildings to ensure they face and connect to Te Awarua-o-Porirua-Harbour
  • enable the upgrading, maintenance and use of recreation grounds and open spaces