Our draft District Plan

We’re updating our District Plan to ensure it enables economic and residential growth while protecting the things that make Porirua special.

The District Plan controls the location of development and its associated form throughout the city as well as helping to protect the environment as the city continues to grow.

The Resource Management Act 1991 requires councils to review their District Plan every 10 years to ensure they are managing their resources and are in line with changes to legislation, national and regional policy statements, environmental standards and other regulation.

Porirua’s current District Plan became operative in 1999, and our community and the challenges that we face today are very different to those in 1999. These include the continuing pressure to grow and develop, the need to restore the health of the Te Awarua-o-Porirua Harbour and the opening of Transmission Gully. In response to these and other challenges we are reviewing the current Porirua City District Plan to make sure we achieve good land use outcomes in our city.

We worked with the community in the 2017 Make Your Mark campaign to understand the land use issues Porirua is facing, clarify outcomes the community would like and consider the range of options we have to deal with particular issues. 

Based on this and other feedback we have now developed objectives and policies in the draft District Plan. We want to check that we are on the right track before we refine these objectives and policies and develop rules before we notify the Proposed District Plan next year. 

Our draft District Plan 

The feedback period for our draft Digital Plan has now closed. We are pleased to have received detailed feedback and comments which we are now working through before we progress further to formal notification of our Proposed District Plan. You can still view our draft District Plan below.

To view the draft District Plan click here

If you have any questions or queries about the draft District Plan please email us at dpreview@poriruacity.govt.nz