Long-term planning

Our Long-term Plan sets out the priorities, projects and activities we’ll be focusing on over the next 30 years.

Long-term Plan 2021-51

Our Long-term Plan (LTP) outlines to our community how we intend to invest for the next 30+ years. Any year there is not a Long-term Plan review and we have significant projects that require public feedback, we will develop an Annual Plan.

We started work on the LTP for 2021-51 early in 2020. In preparation we looking at how we’d performed, efficiencies we could make to our existing budgets, drafting strategic priorities and listening to people who live and who operate businesses in the city. We knew it wasn’t a ‘business as usual’ LTP for many reasons, including but not exclusive to higher levels of population growth, pressing infrastructure issues (such as the condition of our water network and its contribution to the condition of our habour, the housing crisis, the impacts of climate change, and effects Covid-19 continues to have on how we live and work.

This LTP was developed with these challenges, and how to address them, front of mind so that our vision, that Porirua City will be a great place to live, work, and raise a family, is a reality.

Our decisions have been influenced by a number of factors including responding to clear messages we received during consultation about where investment should be focused - so that this LTP addresses these challenges and provides good quality services and robust infrastructure without putting undue burden on ratepayers.

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Download the LTP 2021-51 here

Taking a 30 year view

In this LTP we’ve extended our previous 20 year focus to 30 years. That is so our financial planning aligns with the timeframes for our Growth, and Infrastructure strategies and the District Plan to ensure that growth is paid for equitably and fairly between those involved.

What we did

When What
December 2020 Agreed the focus areas and key themes to be included in the consultation document. Adopted the Revenue and Financing Policy; Rating Policy; Rates, Remissions & Postponement Policy, and the Significance and Engagement Policy.
March 2021 Consultation document released to the community outlining key proposals for feedback
April 2021 Consultation closes after 30 successful engagement events. 334 submissions received.
May 2021 The Council listens to feedback from submitters at the formal hearings.
June 2021 The Councillors considered all feedback received from formal submissions – both written and oral, and at engagement events. They deliberated and then made recommendations on key proposals and other items to be incorporated into the final Long-term Plan 2021-2051
30 June 2021 Council adopted the Long-term Plan 2021-51.
Late July 2021 Long-term Plan 2021-51 is made available to the public.

The Results

We received 334 formal submissions as well as lots of face-to face feedback at our 30 community events and meetings. Thanks again to those who participated.

The City's Plan

The Long-term Plan tells the story of why we are focusing on the areas we are, what you told us, what was agreed, as well as setting out all the detail of the Financial and Infrastructure strategies, the Revenue and Financing Policy, and the Significance and Engagement Policy. All files are in pdf format and optimised for fast downloading. If you require a high quality printed copy, please contact us.

Performance Framework

A performance framework isn't just our performance measures. It includes the Council's strategic priorities, the levels of service we set, and how we measure our performance. A good framework has a strong link from the strategic priorities to the performance measures. Our activities are not independent. They all contribute to the outcomes the Council is trying to achieve.

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