Fantame Street Photographs

We’re doing things a bit differently with this project because it’s an‘Innovating Streets’ project that’s mostly being funded by Waka Kotahi New Zealand Transport Agency.

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Fantame Street Celebration

Te Pae youth workshop

1. Te Pae youth workshop 2.jpg

Co-design workshops (the engine room)

3. 1st codesign workshop Feb 21.jpg

2. 1st codesign workshop Feb 21 (2).jpg

4. 2nd codesign workshop.jpg

5. 2nd codesign workshop Feb 21 (3).jpg

6. 2nd codesign workshop Feb 21 (2).jpg

7. 2nd codesign workshop Feb 21.jpg

1. 2nd codesign workshop.jpg

Community workshops

8. 1st community workshop.jpg

9. 1st community workshop.jpg

2. 1st community workshop.jpg

3. 1st community workshop Feb 21 (1).jpg

4.1st community workshop (2).jpg

Russell School sessions

5. Russell School 8.jpg

6. Russell School 9.jpg

7. Russell School 13.jpg

Co-design on the street

8. Out on the street.jpg

9. Out on the street.jpg

10. Out on the street.jpg

Russell School, painting the wheel stops