Kenepuru Drive cycle crossing point

Kenepuru Drive cycle crossing point

Meeting objective

To finalise the details of the Kenepuru Drive Cycle Crossing Point


No safe stopping place exists on the Painted Median for northbound cyclists on Kenepuru Drive who wish to enter the  Streamside Park Pathway  


Kenepuru Corridor

The aim is to provide continued safe access to all businesses and road users using the Kenepuru Corridor for now and in the future.

Kenepuru Drive Cycle Crossing Point

  • Over dimension vehicle route
  • Few gaps between vehicles using¬†Kenepuru Drive
  • Ensure sufficient width remains for cyclists using Kenepuru Drive
  • Lighting to be reviewed

Recommended Option

Construct Cycle Refuge

3.25m wide traffic lanes

  • 5.5m approx. between cycle refuge and kerb and channel

Your feedback

Next steps

  • Collate¬†stakeholder¬†feedback
  • Refine¬†Recommended Option incorporating stakeholder feedback
  • Engage Consultants to commence design
  • Design Safety Audit
  • Confirm Option
  • Tender/Construction: June to October 2020