Main Road / Wall Place

Kenepuru, Mail road, wall place

Meeting objective

To finalise the Recommended Option


Excessive delays are experienced by traffic exiting the Wall Pl precinct due to:

  • Increased numbers of vehicles using Wall Pl
  • Right turning vehicles exiting Wall Pl are holding up left turning vehicles
  • Few gaps between vehicles using Main Rd.


Kenepuru Corridor

The aim is to provide continued safe access to all businesses and road users using the Kenepuru Corridor for now and in the future.

Main Rd/Wall Pl

  • Consideration of feedback received at the December 2019 Stakeholder meeting
  • No crashes have been reported within 30m of intersection 2015-2019

Recommended Option

Stage 1 (Immediate)

  • Provide a Left Turn Slip Lane for vehicles exiting Wall Place

Stage 2 (Future)

  • Widen Main Road to enable the construction of a North Bound Acceleration Lane in place of the Flush Median, footpath and a Traffic Island on Wall Place for pedestrians.

Your feedback

Next steps

  • Collate¬†stakeholder¬†feedback
  • Refine¬†Recommended Option incorporating stakeholder feedback and safety audit recommendations
  • Engage Consultants to commence design
  • Design Safety Audit
  • Confirm Option
  • Tender/Construction: June to October 2020