Raiha St/Broken Hill Rd intersection

Raiha St-Broken Hill Rd intersection

Raiha St-Broken Hill Rd intersection proposed


High risk of a crash due to a combination of:

  • Excessively wide conflict area, ie the likelihood of a left turning vehicle colliding with a cyclist travelling up Raiha St is high
  • Slip lane design not “safe system” ie a vehicle turning left into Broken Hill Rd may obscure a following vehicle from motorists waiting to turn right from Broken Hill Rd. 
  • Increased traffic volumes (Porirua Adventure Park/Transmission Gully)


Kenepuru Corridor

The aim is to provide continued safe access to all businesses and road users using the Kenepuru Corridor for now and in the future.

Raiha St/Broken Hill Rd

  • numerous heavy vehicles
  • over dimension vehicle route
  • cycling route
  • no crashes within 30m of intersection 2015-2019


Channelised intersection, reduced risk.

Your feedback

Next steps

  • Collate feedback
  • Refine proposal
  • Contact submitters re refined proposal
  • Confirm proposal
  • Tender/Construction: June to October 2020 (subject to confirmation of funding)