Raiha Street / Prosser Street Intersection

Kenepuru, Raiha Stree, Prosser Street

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Meeting objective

To finalise the Recommended Option


The current layout doesn’t favour the dominant flow between Raiha Street and Prosser St East resulting in numerous near misses.


Kenepuru Corridor

The aim is to provide continued safe access to all
businesses and road users using the Kenepuru Corridor
for now and in the future.

Raiha St/Prosser Street

  • Consideration of feedback received at the December 2019 Stakeholder meeting
  • Over dimension vehicle route
  • Cycling route
  • Four non-injury crashes within 30m of intersection 2015-2019
  • Risk of severe injury crash due to lack of speed controls

Recommended Option

New mountable roundabout

  • Manoeuvring space largely unchanged
  • Through speeds minimised
  • Proposed traffic islands on Raiha Street to be installed as a temporary layout prior to confirmation of permanent installation
  • Adequacy of lighting to be reviewed
  • All pedestrian refuge and roundabout kerbs shall be mountable

Your Feedback

Next Steps

  • Collate stakeholder feedback
  • Refine Recommended Option incorporating stakeholder feedback and safety audit recommendations
  • Engage Consultants to commence design
  • Design Safety Audit
  • Confirm Option
  • Tender/Construction: June to October 2020