Transmission Gully link roads

Construction of the two roads linking Whitby and Waitangirua to the Transmission Gully motorway.

Two link roads into Porirua

Two roads are being constructed to link Whitby and Waitangirua to the Transmission Gully motorway. The link roads will be built by the Gully’s contractors CPB HEB and are expected to cost around $33 million.

The link roads shown on the map below will be part of the Council roading network, designed for a 50 kilometres per hour operating speed. They will have a 1.5 metre wide sealed shoulder on both sides for cyclists and a 3.3 metre verge on the side of the roads allows for a footpath to be built in the future.

Transmission Gully Link Roads map

Description of link roads

Whitby link road

The 1.45 kilometre Whitby Link Road will connect to the existing roundabout at the intersection of Navigation and James Cook Drives. An estimated 3,200 vehicles will travel this road each day. 

Waitangirua link road

The 2.04 kilometre Waitangirua Link Road will intersect with Warspite Avenue and Niagara Street (near Waitangirua Mall) and be controlled by traffic signals. An estimated 4,900 vehicles will travel this road each day. 

Benefits of the link roads

  • The link roads will provide more efficient, safer and more reliable access to Porirua from Wellington, the Hutt, Kapiti Coast and the lower North Island. 
  • The link roads will open up new areas of Porirua for residential and business growth. 
  • The Waitangirua Link will reinforce the role of the Waitangirua Village Centre as a focus for activity in the suburb. 

Transmission Gully motorway

Transmission Gully motorway is a four-lane 27 km state highway currently being built from Linden to McKay's Crossing (north of Paekākāriki) passing through the rural areas to the east of Porirua and Whitby. The motorway will provide a new route for State Highway 1 and will have connections to Porirua City's local roading system at Kenepuru Drive (near Bowland), Warspite Avenue (near Waitangirua Mall), the southern end of James Cook Drive and State Highway 58 just east of Pāuatahanui. 

The main Transmission Gully motorway and the connections to Kenepuru Drive and State Highway 58 are the responsibility of New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA).

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