Bay Drive

19-21 Bay Drive

Thanks for sharing  your views with us on the guiding principles for the development of Porirua City-owned land at 19 and 21 Bay Drive in Titahi Bay, an open section of land occupied by two houses at the corner of Richard Street and Bay Drive.

The feedback period has now closed.

A report from the consultation, and a recommendation on the next steps, will be going to the City Delivery Committee on Thursday, 5 September.

On Monday, 2 September, the report will be available under the 5 September City Delivery Committee meeting on the main Meeting page here.

In the meantime, here is a summary of the consultation for your information.

The land consists of a total of 7747m2 made up of the Cable House, a three-bedroom house and a large section of flat land overlooking Titahi Bay beach.

This strategic land provides an opportunity to enhance Titahi Bay and surrounds as a place for locals and regional visitors to enjoy.

Currently this land is not open for public use and we’d like to make it safe and accessible for everyone to enjoy. 

We’ve identified a set of principles to guide how we could develop the land. You've told us what you think of those principles, we are now analysing that feedback, will present it to Council to confirm the next steps and will keep you posted. 

The guiding principles are:

  • The land is open for the community to use.
  • Protection of the environment and the ecology is important.
  • The cultural heritage and history of the site is acknowledged.
  • There is good access for all so everyone can enjoy the spaces.
  • People want to come here – Titahi Bay is a destination of choice.
  • The community has a say in what will happen with this land.

We also asked for feedback on the principle of cost neutrality and whether the community agrees with allowing private-sector development to occur on part of the site to keep any rates contributions down. 

Private-sector development would help fund the public-sector improvements, with both also being further offset by government grants or funding.

At the moment, any associated costs aren’t included in our Long Term Plan 2018-38 (LTP). 

Your feedback about the development of this area of land will help feed into decisions we make during our next review of this LTP in 2020.

Consulting on these principles was a first step, what happens next will depend on the feedback and the Council’s decisions on the next steps.

If you have any questions about this project, then check out our FAQs.