Class 4 Gaming Policy

What's it all about?

Porirua City Council is reviewing its Class 4 Gaming Machines and TAB Venues Policy in accordance with the Gambling Act 2003 (the Act).  

Under the Act we can restrict the locations of venues and we can limit the number of machines (new applications).  

We must also include a relocation policy.  

Our Current Policy

Our current Policy allows for new venues for gaming machines and TABs but restricts them by:

  • Allowing them only to be established within the City Centre and Industrial Zones, as defined in the Porirua City District Plan and Tenancy 7, 69 A Discovery Drive, Whitby, Porirua, also known as ‘The Co-Op Kitchen & Bar’.
  • Allowing a maximum number of nine gaming machines per venue (as set by the Gambling Act 2003).

The Council recognises that gambling is a legitimate form of entertainment. 

However, there is concern about the social impacts of gambling and in particular problem gambling, on our community. 

The Council’s objective is to encourage gambling venue operators to contribute to the community and to take a responsible attitude to identifying and assisting those with gambling problems. 

We’d like to hear your views on our Gaming Machines and TAB Venues Policy, particularly the options set out in our Statement of Proposal

How you can have your say

The Council is keen to know what people think of our current policy and the different options. Submissions are invited from 8 April 2019 to 8 May 2019.  

All submissions are due to the Council by 5pm 8 May 2019.

You can make a submission in the following ways: 

Your submissions must include your contact details.

Please tell us if you would like to attend a hearing to speak to Council in support of your submission, and include a telephone number and email address so we can contact you with details of the hearing.  

Hearings will be held on the morning of 12 June 2019.

All information provided as part of the submissions process will be publically available. You can request that certain details are withheld for privacy reasons.

For more information, please contact Sui Moe, Policy and Corporate Planning on (04) 237 1412, or email