General Bylaw 1991 Part 11 (Public Places)

What's it all about?

Porirua City Council is reviewing the General Bylaw and proposing a new bylaw, the Public Places Bylaw 2019.  

We aim to manage the use of public places for trading, entertainment and other activities for the well-being and enjoyment of the public. 

It is also an effective way to protect the public from nuisance, maintain public health and safety and to minimise the potential for offensive behaviour.  

We’d like to hear your views about what are we changing:

  • We have removed provisions that are dealt with under other legislation to reduce duplication and to simplify the bylaw.  For example under the Summary Offences Act, there is provision for the NZ Police to enforce offensive behaviour in public places, disorderly assembly, fighting in a public place and wilful damage to any property. 
  • We’ve simplified the language and definitions in the bylaw to make it easier to read.  For example some existing definitions have been updated and new definitions have been added such as “Wheeled Recreational Device” (also known as a low powered vehicle) to accommodate new devices like E-Scooters, and included a definition of “Camping” (including freedom camping).
  • There is a new requirement to notify Council of any (public or private) event, demonstration, competition, parade or procession that is likely to interfere with traffic or pedestrian thoroughfare in a public place,
  • Finally, we have added new provisions for signs and smokefree public places.

We’d like to hear your views on our General Bylaw, particularly the options set out in our Statement of Proposal.

You can also check out the proposed General Bylaw.

How you can have your say

We want to know what people think about the proposed bylaw and the different options we are putting forward.  

Submissions are invited from 8 April 2019 to 8 May 2019.  

All submissions are due to the Council by 5pm 8 May 2019.

To make a submission you can: 

Your submissions must include your contact details.

Please tell us if you would like to attend a hearing to speak to Council in support of your submission, by including a telephone number and email address so we can contact you with details of the hearing.  

Hearings will be held on the morning of 12 June 2019.

All information provided as part of the submissions process will be publically available. You can request that certain details are withheld for privacy reasons.

For more information, please contact Sui Moe, Policy and Corporate Planning on (04) 237 1412, or email