Water Supply Bylaw

We are reviewing our Water Supply Bylaw

This bylaw describes how we supply clean, safe water and who we supply it to. Our current bylaw was adopted in 2008, and under the Local Government Act it’s now due to be reviewed.

We’ve taken a look at the current bylaw and considered what has changed since it was written, and we’ve decided to make some changes to it.

What are we changing?

  • We’re removing a lot of the technical detail in the current bylaw.  Much of this is in other laws and regulations like the Building Act and the Wellington Water Regional Standards, and it’s not helpful for it to repeated in our local bylaw.
  • We’ve placed a simple but clear boundary around where water is supplied to.
  • As our new District Plan and Growth Strategy come into effect we expect that the boundaries between our urban and rural areas will change.  
  • To allow rural homeowners to get access to clean and safe urban water we’re proposing a new supply type called “Restricted Supply”.
  • This will let a rural property take water from the urban network for their household use.
  • Finally we’ve simplified the language and definitions in the bylaw to make it easier to read.

We’d like to hear your views on our Water Supply Bylaw, particularly the options set out in our Statement of Proposal.

How you can have your say

The formal consultation process begins on Tuesday 8 April. There are a number of ways you can have your say:

What about water meters?

There’s a lot of talk in the Wellington Region about water meters, and we want to be clear that we’re not proposing any change that will cause there to be any new metered customers. 

However we will be checking to make sure that all our industrial and commercial customers who are currently “Extraordinary Supply” customers (these are customers that are already paying for the volume of water they use) are all being correctly metered and read.