Champion Street - Proposed Safety Improvements

Traffic and pedestrian safety improvements proposed for Champion St

Champion St safety proposals

Thank you to everyone who gave us feedback during consultation on a range of road safety and intersection improvements proposed for Champion St.

The responses received have helped us shape a final road safety design that will be taken to Council for approval to construct in a couple of stages.

The improvements include a significant upgrade to the Windley St/Champion St intersection to improve visibility for motorists, and introduce new crossing facilities for pedestrians.

Improvements are also proposed at the following intersections by improving markings and signage

- Cornwall Cres/Champion St (both intersections)

- Hereford St/Champion St (both intersections)

- Gloucester St/Champion St

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Speed Surveys

Champion Street has seen several crashes over the past 10 years, with 50% resulting in serious injury or worse. As an arterial road carrying around 8500 vehicles a day, there is a high risk of further crashes occurring and traffic volumes are likely to increase with the Government’s development of housing in the area. 

Speed surveys carried out at three locations along Champion St this year showed vehicles were travelling at speeds above 50km/h near the Windley St intersection, while speeds at the other sites further east along Champion St, towards the Cannons Creek shops, were much lower.

Key bus route

Champion Street is also a key bus route between Porirua CBD and Eastern Porirua. We are proposing to develop several informal crossing points to improve access for residents using the current bus stops. These crossings will include islands built out from the footpath to improve visibility and shorten the crossing distance. Some will also include refuge islands in the middle of the road, to provide a safe central refuge for pedestrians if required. 


Consultation letters were hand delivered to residents living on Champion Street as well as parts of Windley Street, Thompson Grove, Hereford Street and Gloucester Street in December 2019. The consultation was further promoted through the Council’s website and Facebook pages.

In response, we received 23 submissions; 17 in support and 6 opposed. Of those opposed to the proposals, most were concerned with specific aspects that affected them personally, such as effects on parking or access to driveways

After a detailed review of all submissions received it has been decided to modify the proposal slightly to address the issues raised by those residents, while still ensuring good safety outcomes are achieved.