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Update: Funding Impact Statement - Long-term Plan 2021-51 (525KB pdf)

We'd like to hear your thoughts on the proposed changes to the Rating Policy as part of the Long-term Plan 2021-51.

The Proposal

We’re reviewing our Rating Policy as part of our three-yearly review of our Long-term Plan 2021-51 (LTP).  

As part of the 2018 LTP process Council consulted on the need to make changes to the rating differentials. The proposal related to a 3 year staged change 2018 through 2020 which was Council’s preferred option. Following consultation it was decided to implement the staged changes over 6 years from 2018 to 2023.  

As we approach the City’s next LTP the environment the city faces has changed. The following proposal recognises the change in circumstances. The acceleration of 2018 LTP year 6 differential 2023 to year 1 of the 2021 LTP supports the idea to reach the policy objectives Council previously consulted on.

In reviewing our Rating Policy Council needs to consider every rate payer. There will be different groups and individual ratepayers that will see changes to their share of the rates. The rating policy, and the proposed changes, aim to provide the best outcome for the city as a whole while balancing the impact on each ratepayer. 

The following document outlines the proposal to accelerate the original staged changes to Year 1 of the LTP and remain at this level for the first 3 years of the LTP. This approach doesn’t propose any further changes than officers had previously indicated.


Council must undertake a review of the Rating Policy as part of the LTP process and in accordance with s102(1) & 103 of the Local Government Act 2002.

Porirua has seen significant changes to the capital valuations of the City’s assets as part of its three yearly review by Quotable Value, which has influenced the proportionate share of each rating category's share of rates.

The 2019 revaluation saw commercial values increase far less than residential properties. The ability of the business sector to absorb the phasing of the final three years in one year has never been stronger.

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19/11/2020 Submitters present to Te Puna Kōrero
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16/12/2020 Council adopts the amended Rating Policy

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