Civic Awards

Volunteers make up the heart of our community. We’re pleased to recognise volunteers’ efforts and encourage them to keep up the good work achieving many positive outcomes for Porirua City.

How to nominate someone

Anyone is eligible to be nominated for a Civic Award. Usually we would expect them to live in Porirua and have contributed exceptional service to our community over a number of years.  They might have restored a forgotten corner of a reserve, or helped young people find their direction in life. Maybe they’ve nurtured a disadvantaged group or performed an act of bravery. They might have gained a big artistic or educational achievement, or done something else to put Porirua City on the map.  

Nominations must be made by two citizens of Porirua or two executive officers of any organisation located in Porirua.

We'll let you know when nominations for 2018 are open.

If you'd like to discuss any aspects of your nomination, please get in touch with Customer Services on email or phone us on (04) 237 5089.

History of creation of civic awards

Civic awards had been reported to Council Committees on two previous occasions before any progress was made.

The first report was presented in 1981 outlined the purpose of the awards and detailed the award system operated by the former Lower Hutt City Council. This report was received by the Finance, Policy and Staff Committee and referred to the Community Development and Cultural Committee.

The second report presented in 1988 recommended that a community service award system be established, along similar lines as the Lower Hutt City Council. This report was adopted by the Community Development and Cultural Committee. The matter however did not progress any further.

On 10 February 1992 a further paper was presented to the Resources Committee, which suggested, that the implementation of a Civic Award system by Council was appropriate, as it would allow Council to recognise outstanding voluntary service to the community. This was worked on by a small sub-committee and finally accepted by Council on 13 May 1992, to commence in 1993.

 In 2000 it was decided to add a Mayoral Certificate of Recognition to recognise citizens who fall outside the scope of Civic Awards.

News about civic awards

Civic Awards 2017 Recipients

Civic Awards for Porirua volunteers

Six Porirua volunteers have been recognised for their outstanding service to the people of Porirua City.

29 Jun 2017

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