2019 Elections

This year is your chance to choose who you want to make the big decisions about our city by voting in the 2019 Local Elections.

The elections are your opportunity to vote for the Councillors in the ward you live, as well as deciding on our Mayor.

Nominations for this year's election closed at 12 noon on Friday 16 August. A list of candidates is on our Meet the Candidates page.

To be able to vote you must be:

  • Aged 18 years or over.
  • A New Zealand citizen or permanent resident.
  • Enrolled to vote.
  • Living or renting in Porirua.

To be able to make a postal vote you need to be enrolled to vote before 16 August. 

Useful Information

Stand for Council

Find out everything you need to know about how to stand for Council and how to nominate a candidate by visiting our dedicated Candidate Information page 

Porirua City Pre-election Report 2019

Before every Local Elections we have to provide a pre-election report, which gives a financial and operational snapshot of where we are as a Council. 

Click the link below to download a copy of this report. 

Who am I voting for?

Click the green box below to see who you can vote for at this year's Local Elections

At this year's Local Elections voters in Porirua will be voting for candidates for the following positions:

Porirua City Council:

  • Mayor 
  • 10 City Councillors for the three Council Wards
  1. Eastern Ward/Pāutahanui ki te uunga mai o te ra - Four Councillors
  2. Northern Ward/Pukerua ki te Raki - Four Councillors
  3. Western Ward/Titahi Rangituhi Porirua ki te uru - Two Councillors
  • Greater Wellington Regional Council - Two Council Members from the Porirua-Tawa Constituency
  • Capital Coast District Health Board - Seven members
  • Hutt Mana Charitable Trust - One Member

List of nominations:

All confirmed nominations can be found here in the final Nominations Report.

Are you enrolled to vote?

Click the box below to find out how you can enrol to vote.

It sounds obvious but you can't vote unless you are enrolled to vote!

To enrol you must be:

  • Aged 18 years or over.
  • Living or renting in Porirua.

The easiest way to vote is using a postal vote, and to do this you have to be enrolled before 16 August.

Enrolling to vote, making sure you are enrolled or simply checking your details are right is really straightforward. 

The Electoral Commission have put together this simple tool to make things easy for you.

You can also find out who can and can't enrol to vote.

Not sure what the voting process is all about, why you should vote and who is eligible to vote? 

Then check out this easy-to-understand LGNZ guide and get the answers to your voting questions.

You can also find out how you can enrol and vote with a disability

How to enrol

How to Vote

Find your nearest post box

Local Elections are done by postal vote. Not sure where your nearest post box is? Check this NZ Post link to find out. 

There will be other locations around the city where you can drop your voting papers – we'll let you know where and when you can do this once voting papers are sent out.

Electioneering signs

You need a permit to display signs on public or private land. Everything you need to know, and a map of locations can be found here.

Notice of Election

The official notice of elections, with details of how and where you can enrol, who you are voting for, how to stand and official public information meetings for elections candidates, is below.

Notice of Election