Nicole Foss (Independent)


My principal place of residence is in the Pāuatahanui General Ward area. I am also standing for Mayor.

Our lives have been substantially changed in the era of covid and people are desperate to get back to normal. Unfortunately, the time of turbulence is not over. A new normal is being established without our consent, but the consent of the governed is essential for political legitimacy. It is essential that we restore true democracy, especially at the local level, as local government has been almost entirely subsumed into central government and controlled by its party machines. Central government in turn is losing its independence to unelected and unaccountable transnational institutions. Porirua's unique voice is being lost. Public consultation is too often purely performative rather than genuine, and this must change. We need much greater public engagement with the difficult choices that lie ahead, as we all have a stake in the future of our community. It's time for an independent voice for Porirua.