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How waste minimisation helps our planet and our pockets

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Waste minimisation isn’t just good for the planet, it’s also good for your pocket – more commonly known as a win-win!

How does this work exactly?

  • When we reduce what we buy and focus on reusing what we already have then we have less waste to throw out – saving money on rubbish disposal
  • When our things can be reused or repaired that means we don’t have to keep buying more stuff – saving money for more important things
  • When we throw away less stuff it saves space in Spicer Landfill – once the space runs out there, we have very limited and expensive options on what we can do with the city’s waste.

And of course, there are benefits for the planet too. When we use less stuff it decreases demand for the Earth’s precious resources and lowers greenhouse gas emissions from the energy used to make new things.

22 Feb 2023