Housing & construction

If you’re involved in housing and construction in any capacity – make a beeline for Porirua. We have a huge amount of development underway – and business is booming.

Kenepuru Landing

Carrus Developments is the company behind much of the residential construction in Porirua. Together with Ngāti Toa, the local development powerhouse is developing more than 700 houses over a 50 ha site in Kenepuru and 6 ha of retirement village. The development will provide affordable housing in the form of medium-density and standalone homes. It’s a local affair with Elsdon-based Grove Homes selected as one of the preferred builders for the project.

Aotea, Porirua

If Carrus Developments sounds familiar, it is because they are the firm behind the development of Aotea, Porirua. Back in 2004, Porirua City was looking to establish more housing for its growing population. We selected Carrus Developments for the challenge. Aotea is now one of the most popular suburbs in Porirua with more than 1000 homes – many in the high-end of the market, as well as playgrounds, parks, and enviable community facilities. 

“I’d like to think we have transformed residential housing in Porirua and have been an important contributor to the city’s income, and job creation.” – Paul Adams, Chief Executive, Carrus Developments. 

Silverwood, Whitby

Another of our new urban developments has already sold out. Subdivisions in Silverwood, Whitby have been scooped up by keen Porirua residents and building is now underway. Check out progress

Plimmerton Farm

The new urban development will be built on a 386 ha block of farmland beside State Highway 1, Porirua, in the catchment area of Taupō Swamp. The development is currently in the planning stage, but will be allowing more than 2000 homes to be built. The mix of housing types including medium density apartements, terrace houses, rural opportunities and retiree options will help Porirua's housing shortage.

Research Report

Download the Research Report - Porirua City Housing Needs Assessment and the Implications for Eastern Porirua

This report has been prepared for Porirua City Council to assist them with their understanding of the level of housing need within Porirua City with an emphasis on Eastern Porirua and how the relative level of need compares with the wider Wellington metropolitan area2 .  This report should not be used for any other purpose or by any other party.

Housing demand, affordability and need in Porirua City – 2020 Update

Prepared our report describing the current and future housing affordability, demand and need in Porirua City. To understand how housing need has evolved since 2015 and the implications of future growth in demand on affordability outcomes.