Love Local Expo - Exhibitor

Love Local Expo 2024

Saturday 8 June 2024

Te Rauparaha Arena, Porirua


Click here to apply to be a vendor at Love Local 2024
Vendor applications have now closed (17 May at midnight)

Key dates

Applications Open until 12pm, Friday 17 May
Exhibitor pack in 1pm to 6pm, Friday 7 June
Public opening hours 10am to 4pm, Saturday 8 June
Pack down 4pm to 5pm, Saturday 8 June

Terms and Conditions

  • All Exhibitors businesses must be based within the Porirua City boundaries.
  • There is no booth/entry cost to any successful Exhibitors. This includes the booth/space, one trestle table, chairs and power as outlined below. Any additional requirements may be charged to the Exhibitor however this will be discussed at the time of request.
  • All indoor Exhibitor booths will be assigned by the Event staff and may be located inside Te Rauparaha Arena or Pātaka Art + Museum on Parumoana Street, Porirua. Event staff will fill all Te Rauparaha Arena available booth locations before allocating any Exhibitors at Pātaka Art + Museum.
  • Vehicles, trailers or similar are not permitted anywhere within Te Rauparaha Arena.
  • Any Exhibitors who will promote their business for the event from a truck, caravan or trailer will be allocated an appropriate space around the outside of the Te Rauparaha Arena building.
  • Acceptance of any booth application is not guaranteed. We reserve the right to accept or decline any booth application.

  • Access to your booth location on the event day will be no earlier than 8am. You must be at your booth and ready by 9.30am, with doors opening for the event at 10am.
  • Exhibitors must have staff present at their booth for the duration of public opening hours.
  • In the interests of public safety, all Exhibitors must not leave the event (even if sold out) or move a vehicle without permission from the Event controllers on the day.

  • All Exhibitors and their helpers must wear their own appropriate hi vis vest and closed toe shoes when packing in or out for the event. Failure to do so will mean that they are denied entry into the event space.
  • As the event spaces will be worksites during pack in/out, children are not permitted onsite during this time.
  • All Exhibitors must sign in on pack in day.
  • Fire exits must be kept clear at all times.
  • All electrical cords/plugs must have a current tag test label attached before plugging in to the onsite power supply. If you do not have a tag test label attached to your electrical cord/plug, you must bring it along on pack in day for the Event staff to test. Tag testing will not be available on the day of the event. Any Exhibitor’s who have plugged in to the power supply without their cord/plug having a valid tag test label may have this item removed by the Event staff for the duration of the event.
  • All Exhibitors are responsible for operating a safe place of trade and complying with all relevant legislation.
  • All AV/displays/activities/giveaways are at the Exhibitors’ own expense.
  • All Exhibitors must keep the front of their booths free from rubbish at all times.
  • Te Rauparaha Arena has preferred suppliers to work in the venue for lighting, sound and equipment hire. Please discuss these options with the Event Co-ordinator.
  • All Exhibitors must take away their own event related waste/packaging.

  • Exhibitors are not able to go outside of the space booked within the Expo.
  • The following items are not permitted for use during the event within the indoor event spaces - open flames, such as use for cooking appliances, candles, helium (includes helium balloons), items that require hanging from the building structure or trusses.
  • Porirua City Council will provide each successful applicant with a 3 meter or 6 meter wide booth or space and up to one table (not clothed) and chairs at no cost.
  • The number of side walls and length of the side walls may vary depending on the Exhibitors assigned location. This is non negotiable.
  • Each indoor booth will be provided with two 150W LED Track Spotlights attached to the back wall of your booth (2 per 3M booth/ 4 per 6M booth) at no cost.
  • There will also be one 10 Amp Single Phase Power with 4 way multibox secured to the top of the successful applicants booth wall where it has been outlined on their application form whether power is required at their booth.
  • Booth walls are made of Velcro receptive Partitions and are coal in colour. They are either 3M or 6M on the back wall, depending on your booth location. Each booth wall is 2.3m High with a 45mm thickness. Nails, screws or similar are not permitted to be used on booth walls. We recommend using velcro dots or hanging hooks from the top of the booth where possible.
  • The Event venue can provide wifi access to Exhibitors who request it on their application form. However, due to the heavy use of this offering and varying restrictions on individual devices and eftpos terminals, the Event staff will do their best to ensure your connection is working, but it is up to the Exhibitor to provide secondary options where venue wifi access may not be available.

Commercial food stalls must obtain and have with them on the day, a current Food Registration/Licence from Porirua City Council, or a copy of a current Food Registration from another local authority.

  • All indoor food vendors within the building must NOT cook any items or have open flames during the Event.
  • Healthy food options are encouraged at the Event.
  • Food stall holders are responsible for cleaning their complete site and removing any waste and debris from the site.
  • Food Trucks must comply with all legal requirements relating to gas bottles, generators and electrical warrants of fitness that apply to trucks, caravans and cooking equipment (we undertake inspections on-site). If you intend using any of the above, you will need to confirm these details on the application form. All electrical leads must be protected by a residual current device, whether connected to the mains or to a generator.
  • All generators used with Food Trucks must be sited in such a way as to prevent fumes or noise from affecting either your workers, the public or the event. Noisy generators will not be allowed on site and must not exceed 60dB.
  • Food stalls within the venue must discuss power requirements with the Events Co-ordinator prior to the Expo. No cooking is permitted inside the venue unless by prior arrangement.

Locally crafted and New Zealand made products only.

  • Photos may be taken during the event and used in Porirua City Council marketing. If you do not wish to be in any photos, please advise this in your Exhibitor Application Form.
  • As an Exhibitor at the Love Local Expo you will be signed up to the Porirua City Council Love Local database.
  • The Event will go ahead whether wet or fine.
  • Exhibitors are required to notify the Expo Event Coordinator in writing of any cancellation of their application by Cancellations are required by Monday 29 May or a cancellation fee may apply.
  • All information provided on the Exhibitor application form must be true and correct. If the information is found to be untrue, we reserve the right to withdraw your Exhibitor booth space.


For queries about exhibitor applications, please contact Sarah Barker, Event Coordinator - Email: [email protected] or phone 027 803 2601.