You can purchase locally grown plants and seedlings from our nursery for your garden. It's open to the public Monday to Friday from 12.30pm to 3.30pm and is situated at 106 Sievers Grove in Porirua. For all commercial sales phone to make an appointment on 021 812 327.

The Sievers Grove Nursery is open for public sales from Monday to Friday between 12.30pm and 3.30pm.

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Plants for sale at wholesale prices

The Sievers Grove Nursery offers surplus plants and a wide variety of specialty lines at wholesale prices. You are welcome to call in to view our plants at 106 Sievers Grove and ask for help deciding what to buy for your garden.

Benefits of buying from us:

  • wholesale cost – saving you money!
  • plants grown locally on site
  • locally sourced seed and cuttings used in propagation
  • excellent range of quality trees, natives, shrubs and exotics
  • we provide expert advice to help you decide
  • centrally located with easy access
  • EFTPOS only.

Caring for native plants

Keep your new plants weeded and watered until established. Mulching to a depth of 10–15 cm around the base will help plants get established and reduce the need for water. When you do water your plants, do this around the roots and base during the cooler times of the day, such as early morning or evening. Once your plants are well established, watering can be reduced.

Most species will benefit from the addition of a slow release fertiliser at planting time, either loose or in tablet form. Once established, you can apply a general purpose fertiliser in spring to help maintain plant growth and health.

Plants in exposed sites may require staking to avoid damage through wind rock and help to get them established. In these cases, put the stake on the windward side of the plant, and fasten your plants to the stake with an elastic material that has some flex, and allows the stems to grow.

Contact us

Contact our Nursery Supervisor during business hours on phone (04) 237 6893 if you have any special requests. For commercial sales please call 021 812 327.