Titahi Bay murals walking tour

Got a couple of hours free? Feeling like a walk? Check out our Titahi Bay murals walking tour.

What is this walking tour all about?

Follow our walking tour to view some of the community art murals in Titahi Bay. You can start anywhere in the loop but the best car parking is on Bay Drive near the northern beach entrance. All these murals were created by local artists or ones with very strong links to Titahi Bay. Children might like to keep an eye out for the elusive Titahi Bay fairy doors that sometimes appear in this suburb! 

How long will it take?

The whole loop will take between one and two hours depending on walking speed and viewing stops required, but you will be well rewarded with wonderful views and interesting historical and geographic features along the way.  The loop can be shortened in various ways or done in separate events for those who need to start with something shorter. There are also opportunities to grab an ice cream or coffee along the way. Enjoy!

The route

Download the guide and tick off what you spot along the way.

Dive into summer
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