Driveway construction

Vehicle entry and exit pads must be built to avoid creating silt and sediment on the nearby roadway and to keep the area clean and tidy.

There should not be more than a couple of days in between the vehicle entry pad being removed and the driveway being laid. 

The entry/exit vehicle pad used during building construction will need to be removed or shifted prior to the driveway being laid.  During this time, there is an expectation that no vehicles enter onto the site, and subsequently track mud from their tyres onto the road.

Silt and Sediment Control - Driveway Construction- 19-driveway

The photo above shows unacceptable sediment on the road from a driveway.

Vehicle cross-overs and driveways must be completed before new buildings are occupied.  The Council's standard specification must be built, unless otherwise approved by the Council's roading department.

When constructing an exposed aggregate driveway, ensure that washout goes onto the site for treatment and not onto the road and into stormwater drains.