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Wheels on Te Pahi keep going ‘round and ‘round

More Porirua schools are utilising Te Pahi, the free community bus.

28 August 2019

Public get chance to dob in mobility parking cheats

The Council has joined a scheme run by CCS Disability Action, where the public can notify us about people abusing mobility parking.

27 August 2019

Porirua City Council retains AA credit rating

Porirua City Council has maintained a stable credit rating with financial services company Standard & Poor's.

26 August 2019

Who gets your vote?

This year is your chance to decide who you want to make the big decisions for our city.

22 August 2019

Building consents aim for paper-free future

Building consents have gone digital, and from next month we’re beginning a drive to get all applications paper-free.

22 August 2019

Candidates for Local Elections announced

Find out who is standing in the Local Elections.

16 August 2019