The BRANZ vision is inspiring the building and construction industry to provide better buildings for New Zealanders.

An independent and impartial research, testing, and consulting organisation, BRANZ works at transforming insightful research into accessible actionable knowledge for industry.  

“BRANZ has been based at its 5 hectare rural site on Moonshine Road, Judgeford (just off State Highway 58) for decades. Our set up makes it easy to attract and retain staff. We have the facilities, equipment and the space for researchers to do their jobs well and the overall environment is wonderful to work in. It is very easy to feel vested in BRANZ quickly because what we do matters for all New Zealanders,” says Kaetrin Stephenson, BRANZ’s General Manager Corporate Services. 

BRANZ has more than 100 staff including internationally renowned engineers, scientists and researchers who support a range of stakeholders in the building industry – from architects, designers, builders, and construction suppliers through to policy makers.

“Many of our staff live in Porirua, Hutt Valley and also on the Kapiti Coast – there is a definite pull towards the northern suburbs. We also have a very strong sense of community here,” says Kaetrin. 

“Being part of a community like Porirua provides us with real-life examples [of the building sector]. We have clients who travel from all around New Zealand and overseas to do testing with our researchers. We are easy to get to from the north and the south. Transmission Gully will make things even more accessible.” 

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