Film-friendly Porirua

Porirua City provides a treasure trove of locations and talent for film makers.

Our incredible environment has starred in many successful international films (Pikarere Farm has even doubled as Turkey), and numerous actors, directors, and film crew count Porirua as their stomping ground.

View Porirua on Film which showcases 40 years of Porirua’s part in film and television production.

Oscar winning editor - John Gilbert, Taika Waititi - Eagle vs SharkWiremu Grace - Lambs, Peter Jackson - Lord of the Rings, James Cameron – Avatar and The Last TattooEnid BlytonUnreal FilmsTaofi Mose-TuilomaJacob TomuriPolyphon FilmReservoir Hill – all have links to Porirua.

Filming in public places

If you’re thinking about using Porirua as the backdrop for your next feature, make sure you have done the following:

  • applied for a permit
  • approved the location
  • gotten in touch with Screen Wellington

Other things to consider

  • a parking management plan
  • a sustainable waste management plan
  • potential impacts on any parks or open spaces (eg altering of tracks or vegetation)
  • whether any structures are to be erected
  • steps to protect public safety (eg signage and security)
  • a health and safety policy
  • a site-specific risk assessment
  • public liability insurance
  • how noisy the filming activities are expected to be
  • plans to access power and water supplies
  • plans to provide toilet facilities
  • plans for any temporary road closures and/or the effects of the filming activities on traffic flows.

Depending on your approved location, Council may require a letterbox drop, or a personal visit to affected businesses and residents. If you head to the Screen Wellington website, it will provide you with all info you need and steps to take.


For more information on film permits and other Screen Wellington services, visit the Screen Wellington website or email them on [email protected]