Covid-19 Update


Porirua City is at the orange setting of the traffic lights protection framework. This means some changes to the way we work and live, as protections are in place to help minimise the spread of Covid-19 in the community. Find out more

For up to date information about alert levels, community cases, and getting tested visit and

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Pay online

We have several services you can pay for by credit card or internet banking.

Credit card

Internet banking

We are moving online and our community will be able to manage their payments, applications and consents through our online portal. Available now for online use is:

Online Services FAQs

Need a hand? We're happy to help - drop us a line and we'll get the right person to call or email you back between 8am and 5pm on a work day. Please include your daytime phone number and your application reference. Email

👉 Download the step by step guide to logging onto your account

Q. How do I register?

A. You will need to create a Datascape login by following the link off our website. You will need an email address for this as it is an email-verified account.You will receive a confirmation email, so click on the link provided, log in and you are good to go.

Q. What kind of password do I need to use?

A. The password must be at least 10 characters, including at least 3 of the following character types: an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, a number, a special character (e.g. !`<>,;:_=?*+#."&%()|[]-$^@/) and more than two identical characters in succession (eg 111) is not allowed. The password will not expire.

Q. If I have a business can I have a business account?

A. Yes there is the ability to set an account up as an organisation or as an individual.

Q. If I put my details in the account will the system remember them throughout the form?

A. Yes, as the application is a smart form, it will populate your details throughout the form.

Q. I forgot my password

A. Click the forgot my password link on the login page.

Q. Who can fill out the application

A. An owner or agent working on behalf of owner can submit the application. The applicant is responsible for identifying which clauses of the building code the project complies with.

Q. If an agent submits the application can the owner view the application form?

A. Yes the owner will be able to have full visibility of the application online when invited by the applicant. (Refer to below questions regarding sharing the application below)

Q. When I submit online will I get an reference number?

A. Yes once the application has been submitted, the applicant will receive an email and reference number confirming the application has been received.

If the customer doesn’t get an email, contact

Q. Once I submit why does it go into the status vetting?

A. As soon as an application is received it goes into our vetting queue which our officers aim to assess for completeness within two working days.

Q. If I get stuck can I save my application?

A. Yes, throughout the application it saves as you move through each screen. If you are halfway through a page you can save it for later using the button.

Q. Can I preview the application questions?

A. You can also move throughout each section of the application to view what questions need to be answered.

Q. If I start an application and no longer need it, can I delete it?

A. Yes, you can simply delete the application if you haven’t submitted it.

Q. I want to cancel my submitted online application- what do I do?

A. You can contact Building Assurance and they may be able to withdraw the application depend how far it is through the process. Be aware that this may incur a fee.

Q. If I have uploaded the wrong file, can I delete it?

A. If you haven’t yet submitted the application you can delete a file but if you have already submitted your application, then no you cannot delete any files. You will have to upload a new file.

Q. How can I upload files?

A. You can drag and drop PDF files into the upload button. If you need to add additional files you will first need to write a description of the document and then select the upload button to add a new file.

Q. Can the building team tell if I have uploaded a new file for a vetting request for further information (RFI)?

A. Yes the dates in your files tab will show when each file was uploaded, ie files uploaded with the application or at a later date.

Q. Can Council upload documents?

A. Yes when your building consent is issued or another document is provided (PS3 template) you will see there is a Council upload section in your files tab.

Q. Can I share the application with others?

A. Yes you can share with other collaborators by following the below steps:

  1. Log in and choose the application you wish to share
  2. Click on the 'Share' button on the right of the application
  3. This will take you to the 'User Permissions' tab
  4. Enter email address and your message
  5. Add the permissions you wish to share and click send
  6. The person being sent this invite will receive an email from the applicant saying they have been invited to view this information
  7. Simply click on the link and register
  8. Once registered, the information above will appear on both the applicant's account and the invited person.

Q. If I don’t want to pay online can I come into the counter?

A. Yes, you can still make payments at our front counter and pay with online banking or use your credit card. Remember to use your reference number BCA#########.

Q. Will I get a receipt with online services?

A. Yes, once a payment is made online you can find an acknowledgement (PN) in your payments tab in your online services.

Q. Can I get someone else to make the payment on my behalf?

A. Yes, anyone can make the payment on your behalf.

Q. Can I make a payment before I receive my invoice?

A. Yes, you can using your reference number but it is best to wait until an invoice is issued.

Q. I have received an email from Council, can I respond to it?

A. No the email address is an automated account. You can reply using the Building Assurance email link in the email.

Q. I don’t understand the RFI email?

A. Email the team for clarification on

Q. Can I book an inspection online?

A. No at this stage it is only submitting applications online

Q. What do I do if I change my email address?

A. At this time you can’t change your email address but this is a feature we want to build in the future.

Q. I don’t want the owner to see the application, how can I remove them?

A. The owner will always be included in the viewer profile of the application- this is mandatory.