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We have several services you can pay for by credit card or internet banking.

MyPorirua online account

Our services are increasingly available online so people are able to manage their payments, applications, and consents through MyPorirua our online portal.

Available now for online use is:

Property, rates, LIMS


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Pay online with MyPorirua

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Pay my parking fine

How to pay a parking fine. If you get a ticket, you have 28 days to pay the fine. Part payments aren’t accepted.

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Internet banking


Need a hand? We're happy to help – drop us a line and we'll get the right person to call or email you back between 8am and 5pm on a work day. Please include your daytime phone number and your application reference. Email [email protected]

Creating a new MyPorirua account

This is not needed for all services. For instance, logging a service request or making a payment can be done without an account.

You can create a new log in by following the link off our website or select Sign up from the Register for MyPorirua banner. Enter your email address and create and confirm a password. Check your email for a 6-digit verification code to complete your sign-up process.

Your password needs to meet the following requirements:

  • minimum 8 characters
  • cannot contain password
  • at least one digit
  • at least one uppercase character
  • no more than two same characters in a row (eg 111)
  • passwords must match.

If you haven’t received a verification code, check all inboxes, such as spam, junk or other. If there is no code, you can select to have the code resent to your email address. Once you have submitted your code, your new account is nearly ready. All that is needed now is to complete the profile registration form.

Open using Chrome or Edge. If you still have problems, try clearing your cache.

Registration and profile questions

When you log in for the first time, a registration page will appear that will help Council find your records and authenticate your account. Not all these questions are mandatory, and it is completely up to you how much information you would like to provide on your registration form. These additional details simply assist with authenticating your account and helps match your council records.

No, you can only use an email address one time to sign up. This prevents any duplicated profiles.

Yes there is the ability to set a profile up as an organisation or as an individual. When setting up a business account we will request what position you hold and if you require access to any rating or financial details. There will be a follow up call from our contact centre if this is required.

You can update your profile at any time by selecting your initials icon in the top right-hand corner. It’s a good idea to keep your details current, as when you complete a payment or application form, these details will populate into the contact fields of the form.

When you update your contact details in your profile, you can advise council if you would like these details applied to any other records that Council may hold for you, eg any application forms, rates account or dog registrations.

If you forget your log in, you can simply select to reset your password and a password reset will be sent.

Head to your profile by clicking the icon in the top right-hand corner with your initials. Once in the profile page, you can manage your security settings and change your password here.

Existing online services accounts

If you have an existing online service account, simply log in as you usually would using your existing credentials. When you log in for the first time using MyPorirua, you will see a registration screen welcoming you to our new upgrade. We will also ask you to reconfirm that our records of your previous profile are still correct.

Any previously submitted applications from online services are now available under your My Forms section. You can find specific submitted forms under each category, ie any building consent applications submitted will be available under the Building category

Payments are found in the Bills & Payments section next to your My Forms section. This is where you can locate your invoices. You can also find payments made in each application in the applications- Bills & Payments section. (Refer to the Bills & Payments section below for more details)

Do It Online

No, not all services are available just yet. As we start to transition into providing our services online, you will see that the categories will start to evolve and appear.

As we are still in our initial phase of introducing our services through MyPorirua, we are still developing our full functionality. If you need to search for something, you can select [Ctrl] F which will populate a search function.

In Do It Online, you will see various categories. Under each of these categories is a list of forms you can submit relating to the category eg if you want to log a service request, it will be under Enquiries, Feedback, Requests.

You can access our “Top tasks” in the Do it online drop-down option on the top right-hand side.

My Forms- Submit a request or application form

Yes throughout the application it saves as you move through each screen. If you are halfway through a page, you can save it for later using the button.

Depending on which form, or request is being submitted, the applicant options vary. For Building or Resource consent applications an agent or owner can submit the application.

Yes, if it has been identified that there is an agent submitting, the owner will be able to have full visibility of the application online when invited by the applicant. (Refer to below questions regarding sharing a form below)

Yes, once your form has been submitted, the applicant will see a confirmation screen with the reference number, and they can view their submitted form in their My Forms.

In your My forms, you will see 3 sections Draft| Open |Closed. When you first create a form, it will be in Draft, once submitted and processing it will be in Open and once finalised it will be in Closed.

Yes, you can always download a PDF of the information you submitted. This varies between each form however it will either be available to download in your Attachments or you can download a PDF using the eclipses once you have selected your application of choice.

Yes you can simply delete the application if you haven’t submitted it.

You can contact our enquiries team and depending on what type of form was submitted they may be able to withdraw the application depend how far it is through the process. Be aware this may incur a fee.

Yes, this varies which each form you submit. However, you can tell if your form can be shared by viewing the Sharing section within your application. This section allows you to share your form with another user by entering an email address, selecting permissions and then the new user will have to also register an account and once they have an account, they can access your application

Yes, you can delete another user who has access to your application by editing their permissions or you can also request Council to make this change.

My Forms - Attachments

If you haven’t yet submitted the application, you can delete a file however if you have already submitted your application then no you cannot delete any files. You will have to upload a new file.

A. You can drag and drop PDF files into the upload button. If you need to add additional files you will first need to write a description of the document and then select the upload button to add a new file.

Yes, when a new file has been uploaded the relevant department will be advised a new file is available to vie

Yes, if council has uploaded any attachments, it will be clearly labelled “From council”.

Bills &Payments

No, it is important to note that My Porirua will only display outstanding balances that are applicable to various forms you may submit, and if you own a property and your account has been verified, you may also be able to view your rates details.

You can view any outstanding balances in your Bills & Payments section in the due section. You can view these invoice details which will take you directly into the application the invoice is applicable to, or you can simply make the payment via credit card.

Yes you can still make payments via cash or eftpos at our front counter, via internet banking, or you can pay directly using your credit card in the Bills & Payments section. Remember to use your reference number if your payment is for a submitted form

Yes once a payment is made (regardless of the method) you can find an acknowledgement (PN) in your paid section of Bills & Payments. Depending on which form has been submitted, you may also view the charges and transactions in the Bills & Payments section specifically within the application.

Yes anyone can make the payment on your behalf. Depending on which application needs payment – if it is a building or resource consent payment, you can share your invoice with them, and there is a link at the bottom of the invoice which opens a payment gateway. They do not need to log in to make this payment.

Yes there are various payment forms which you can complete and pay by credit card without logging in.

Yes, if you choose to make a credit card payment there is a 1.51% service fee which goes back to the service provider. We offer various payment methods if you prefer to make a payment in person or via internet banking.

No, unfortunately you cannot make a bulk payment online using your credit card. If you wish to do this, then you may like to make this payment using one of our other payment methods.

Other frequently asked question

No the email address is an automated account. Depending on which form you have submitted, there will be an email address to reply in the footer of your email.

We recommend that you save our new URL however if you do click on our old link, you will be redirected to our new link.

You can use our “Contact us or log a service request form” and select the [feedback] option.

You may be able to view the received service request that relates to your Antenno report with a high-level overview, however its best to review your full report in your Antenno app.

You may be able to view the received service request as long as you have been verified and your contact details match when you make your complaint.

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