How to pay a dog fine

There are a number of ways you can pay your dog fine, including going online

If you get a dog fine, you have 28 days to pay the fine. Part payments aren't accepted. To pay a fine you can:

  • Pay in person at our relocated Customer Services Centre on the Ground Floor of the Contact Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, by cash or Eftpos.
  • Pay online with internet banking using the following details:

Westpac Porirua Branch - 03 0547 0240008 001 (or suffix 01)

Payer Particulars: FINES Payer

Code: Your infringement number (D005051)

Person who fine was issued to: Name

If you don't pay on time, you'll receive a reminder notice. If no payment is received after a further 28 days, the overdue fine will be lodged with the Ministry of Justice for follow up action.

Appealing a fine

If you would like us to review your dog fine, you can complete the Dog Infringement Explanation Form (50.7KB Word) on or before the last day for payment, which is 56 days from the date the fine was issued, and either:

  • bring it to our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court
  • scan and email it to [email protected], or
  • mail to Porirua City Council, PO BOX 50218, Porirua, 5240

For privacy reasons, a fine can only be queried by the registered dog owner. If your explanation is accepted, the fine will be waived. If it's declined, you will be advised in writing and will be required to pay the fine.