Cancel your dog registration

If you no longer have a kurī, get in touch with us to cancel your dog registration.

Change of owner

Both the previous owner and the new owner must tell us about any change of ownership of a dog within 14 days. You also need to tell us the dog’s new address.  Phone our Customer Services Centre on (04) 237 5089 or email [email protected]

Death of a dog

If your dog has died or been put down, you must show us a death certificate from a vet and let us know as soon as you can.  Phone our Customer Services Centre on (04) 237 5089.

Destruction of a dog

If your dog has been destroyed under a court order, you must show us a certificate from a vet, Animal Control Officer or Ranger to confirm that the dog has been destroyed.

Refund of fees

You may be eligible to have part of your registration fee refunded when your dog dies or is put down.

You can apply for the refund before the start of the 1 July registration period. 

To claim your refund you will need to provide us with two documents: 

There are a number of ways you can get those documents to us:

  • Email it to [email protected]
  • Drop it into us at our relocated Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, Porirua
  • Post it to Porirua City Council, PO Box 50218, Porirua 5240.