Register your dog

If you've just got a kurī, get in touch with us before it is three months old to register it – and be sure to renew your dog registration by the end of July each year,

Renewing your dog registration

You must renew your dog registration by the end of July each year. There’s a penalty of 50% of the registration fee, which will apply if unpaid by the end of July.

How to pay your registration fee

Porirua City Council

Westpac Porirua
03 0547 0240008 01
Particulars: your name
Code: your phone number
Reference: DRG DogID

You can set-up a part-payment process with us to spread out the cost of registration.

Contact us now to set up part payments for registration due on 1 July that year. Just phone 04 237 5089.

Click here to make online payments. (Currently unavailable)

Please note you will need your Dog ID which is on the front of your invoice.

Kia ora dog owners. 

We know how sad it is when a much-loved dog passes away and the last thing on your mind will be admin. But please remember to let us know so we can update our records. Owners are legally obliged to notify councils of any change in circumstances, and we’d hate you to receive an automatically generated fine for non-registration at a time when you’re grieving.

The same applies if you sell a dog or your address has changed.

Thank you, and our condolences to anyone who has recently lost a beloved pet.

All fees apply from 1 July 2023 and include GST.

2023 / 24
Neutered dogs $145.00
Non-neutered dogs $200.00
Working dogs - neutered $89.00
Guide dogs for the blind/hearing ear/companion dog No charge
Late registration fee - neutered/non neutered dog 50% of applicable registration fee
Note: as per statute the late registration penalty cannot be set at more than 50% of the registration fee
Approved dog obedience/agility course - neutered dog $111.00
Approved dog obedience/agility course - non-neutered dog $178.00
Responsible owner scheme - neutered dog $89.00
Responsible owner scheme - non-neutered dog $145.00

* As per statute the late registration penalty cannot be set at more than 50% of the registration fee.

Registering a new dog

All dogs must be registered before they are three months old. If you’re registering a new dog part way through the year, you’ll be charged only part of the annual fee up to 30 June. 

You can either complete the registration form below and email it to [email protected] or drop in to the Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, during business hours to complete a form and pay the registration fee

You’ll need to give us information about:

  • your dog’s name
  • its breed and/or type of dog 
  • its age, colour and sex
  • whether it has been neutered (desexed)
  • whether it has a micro-chip or other ways of being identified
  • any previous owner 
  • any previous registration, either under the name of a previous owner or with another council
  • any certificates showing the dog has been neutered, microchipped and/or previously registered

If you’re transferring a dog from another area part way through the year, we will need your current registration information (ie tags or tag number).   And you may not have to pay a fee.

If you don't register your dog

You could be fined and your dog seized and impounded if you don’t register your dog. There are fines for an unregistered dog and for an uncontrolled dog. You’ll need to pay all fines and fees before we can release your dog.

Registered dogs must wear tags

When they’re away from their home property, all registered dogs must wear a registration tag for the current year.

If your dog is older than three months and away from its home address without a tag, our Animal Control Officer may impound it. To get your dog released, you’ll need to pay any fines and fees incurred.

Replacing your dog registration tag

Come to our Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua, if your dog’s tag is lost or missing, and we’ll issue a new tag. There’s a $9.00 fee for a replacement dog tag.

Can I get a discount?

We give a discount for:

See our fees schedule for more information.

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