Porirua City is a pet city. We love our kurī and kitties, and care about the welfare of all animals, at home, on the farm and in the wild.

Dog owners of Porirua

Porirua City is a dog city. We love our kurī, and care about the welfare of all animals, at home and on the farm. Get more information on registering your dog, pay a dog fine, microchipping, owning more than two dogs, desexing and more.

Animal Control services

Our Animal Control team offers a range of services to kurī owners including microchipping and desexing.

Stray or lost animals

If you spot an animal that looks lost – or not where it should be – please get in touch with us hohoro.

Keeping of other animals and bees

Whether you own an animal or are just looking after it for a short time, you must keep it under control at all times and inside the boundaries of your property, and make sure it doesn’t create a nuisance.

Animal and insect pests

Let's face it, some animals and pests can be hōhā. If there are bees, wasps, or vermin in our public land, parks, and reserves, get in touch and we'll sort it out.