Rates & property

Kia ora! Your rates help provide the money we need to keep our city operating and plan for the future.

Maps & GIS

Want to know your property boundaries and see an aerial photo, or find a park, or public toilet? Our maps and GIS system do that and much more.

Property search

Whether you're looking to buy or just want to find out what your whare is worth, you can find the current capital value and rating information for any Porirua City property right here.


Tēnā koe! Thank you for supporting Porirua City by paying your rates. We're committed to making rates fair and affordable - find out how we do this.

Valuations & objections

Find out what your property is worth, how Porirua City properties are rated, and what changes affect value.

Certificate of title

If you're applying for a building or resource consent, you'll first need to source background land information – which is all contained in a handy Certificate of Title.


If you're looking to buy a house, commercial property, or are involved in property development, you'll likely come across the term LIM. Here's all the details you need to know about what a LIM is and how to get one.

Graffiti & tagging

Porirua City is beautiful. Don't let it be ruined by graffiti – if you spot a tag or graffiti – call us on (04) 237 5089 or report it using the free mobile App Antenno, and we'll aim to get rid of it within 48 hours.

Overgrown sections

Overgrown or unkempt sections can be a fire hazard and harbour vermin.