Alerts & updates

Is it on, or open, or safe? Check on water disruptions or fire safety. Find out if a road, beach, track, sports field or pool is kāti, and you can't use it.

Track status

We're letting you know which tracks and walkways are closed or have restricted access.

Sports grounds updates

We're letting you know when our sports grounds and courts are closed or have restricted use.

Road closures & restrictions

We keep you up to date with the status of roads and any temporary speed restrictions within Porirua City.

Swimming pool closures

We let you know if one of our pools is closed for maintenance

Water disruptions (Wellington Water)

When we turn the water off for essential maintenance, we want you to know about it.

Bathing water quality

We let you know whether it is safe to swim at our beaches.

Spicer landfill odour

We provide information about any odour issues at Spicer Landfill as part of our commitment to communicate effectively with the community.