Rubbish & recycling

Porirua City is a beautiful place and we're keen to keep it that way by ensuring we whakarauiri our rubbish and recycle.

Recycling collections

Better recycling is here – go green with our yellow and blue bins.

Recycling and rubbish calendar

Our calendar lists when to put out your recycling and rubbish for the next 3 weeks.

Household rubbish collections

It's easy to be a tidy kiwi in Porirua City. We pick up your household rubbish every week!

Other ways to recycle

We're keen on the three Rs here in Porirua City - check out all the ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle..

Spicer Landfill

Before you head to the landfill check what you’re planning to throw away! Over half of what goes to the landfill could be reused, recycled, or composted.

Trash Palace

Head to Trash Palace to drop off your pre-loved goods and recycling. You may even find some treasure at the Trash Palace shop.

Waste minimisation

We're aiming to reduce the amount of waste we send to our landfill by a third over the next 10 years. You can help us meet this target.

Skip bins and container permits

Sometimes you need more than a bag to get rid of rubbish. Skip bins and containers are excellent for clean outs. If you don't have room for one on your property, you'll need a permit to put one on public land.

Asbestos & hazardous waste

Whakatūpato: let's stay safe by getting rid of asbestos and other hazardous waste material safely.

Dumped rubbish

We work hard to make sure public areas are kept free of rubbish and hazardous waste. Please let us know if something needs our attention.

Abandoned vehicles

Is there an abandoned car or vehicle on your street? Let us know and we'll take care of it.