Other ways to recycle

We're keen on the three Rs here in Porirua City - check out all the ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

Trash Palace

Trash Palace accepts household items, whiteware, electronic waste and other items that can be resold in their shop, or recycled.

Household goods

Drop off household items such as clothing, linen, toys and working small appliances at a Kiwi Community Assistance donation bins: Kiwi Community Assistance. Items are donated to local charities. 

Electronic waste

Several businesses accept or collect old computers and electronics:

Contact them first to find out any charges that apply and whether they’ll accept your goods.

Used oil and car batteries

Spicer Landfill accepts used vehicle oil, batteries and gas bottles (conditions apply).

These companies provide special disposal or recycling services for the automotive industry:

Used oil: Thurline Transport, phone (04) 568 2185 or 0800 732 953

Car batteries:

  • Exide Technologies, phone (04) 568 4269
  • Barry & Mexted, phone (04) 232 4067
  • Macauley Metals, phone (04) 568 6507

Vehicle bodies

Spicer Landfill accepts vehicle bodies for a fee. The cost is higher if the vehicle has rubbish in it.

Other local businesses that accept vehicles:

Scrap metal

These dealers may pay for scrap metal, subject to demand:

  • AKB Ingot Metals, phone (04) 237 5322
  • Wellington Scrap Metals, phone (04) 473 9277 (collection service available)
  • Macauley Metals, phone (04) 589 2222

Printer cartridges

  • Cartridge World Porirua at 7 Hartham Place South refills cartridges while you wait. Phone (04) 238 1575.
  • Warehouse Stationery at 5 Semple Street accepts cartridges for recycling but not refilling. Phone (04) 238 9415.

Paint and paint cans

The Resene Colour Shop on Lyttelton Avenue accepts useable leftover Resene paint to donate to community groups (conditions apply).

Clean and empty metal paint cans up to 4 litres can go in the household recycling collection.


Second Life Plastics in Levin has a collection service for various types of plastic. Phone (06) 364 5152.

Fluorescent lights and ECO lightbulbs

Interwaste in Porirua provides a recycling service for these products, including compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). You can buy a pre-paid postage box and send it back for recycling. Phone (04) 237 6982.

Farm waste

The Agrecovery Rural Recycling Programme


 provides sustainable systems for recovering and recycling “on-farm” waste products.