Abandoned vehicles

Is there an abandoned car or vehicle on your street? Let us know and we'll take care of it.

What is an abandoned car?

A vehicle is considered abandoned when it has been left in a public place and its warrant of fitness and registrations labels are not visible, or one or both have expired by more than 31 days. 

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How do I get rid of my car responsibly?

Unwanted cars can be sold to auto wreckers, who will usually remove them at no cost. 

What happens if I abandon my car?

If you leave a car on public land, we may remove and dispose of it. (This does not apply to cars on private land.)

If the car has been wrecked or stripped, we will remove and dispose of it straight away. If it is safe to do so, we will leave it where it is while we find the owner.

If you are the last registered owner, we will ask you to remove the vehicle within seven days. If you don’t, we may consider it to be abandoned and have it removed.

We would keep the car for at least 10 days.  After that, we may sell it and use the money from the sale used to cover any towing and storage costs.