Household collections

It's easy to be a tidy Kiwi in Porirua City. We pick up your household rubbish and recycling every week!

Collection times and days

Until July, household rubbish and recycling are collected weekly on the same day.

From July, wheelie bins will replace crates for kerbside recycling.  See our recycling collections page for more information.

Until then, rubbish bags and recycling crates must be kerbside by 8 am on the collection day.

Collections take place on all public holidays as scheduled, except for Christmas Day. Any other changes will be advertised.

Aotea Wednesday
Ascot Park - south of Warspite Ave Tuesday
Ascot Park - north of Warspite Ave Wednesday
Caduceus Place Tuesday
Camborne Friday
Cannons Creek Tuesday
Elsdon Monday
Kenepuru Monday
Mana Friday
Mungavin Avenue Monday
Omapere Street Thursday
Papakōwhai Wednesday
Paremata Wednesday
Plimmerton Friday
Pukerua Bay Friday
Rānui - south of Mungavin Ave Monday
Rānui - north of Mungavin Ave Tuesday
Takapūwāhia Monday
Titahi Bay Monday
Waitangirua Tuesday
Warspite Avenue Tuesday
Whitby Thursday

Rubbish collection for rural areas is on Mondays. These areas include: 

  • Belmont Road
  • Bradey Road
  • Flightys Road 
  • Grays Road
  • Jones Deviation
  • Moonshine Road 
  • Motukaraka Point 
  • Mt Cecil Road
  • Mulhern Road 
  • Murphys Road 
  • Paekākāriki Hill Road
  • State Highway 58.

Council rubbish bags

Only rubbish in a pre-paid black plastic Council rubbish bag will be collected. We don’t currently operate a wheelie bin service for households or commercial premises.

The 60 litre rubbish bags are sold at our Customer Services Centre at 16 Cobham Court, all Porirua City libraries and most supermarkets and dairies. They cost $2.50 each or $25.00 for a pack of 10.

The bag must not weigh more than 15 kg when full.

Recycling crates

You don’t have to have a recycling crate – we accept containers such as supermarket bags and cardboard cartons making sure it is clear it is recyclable material, not rubbish. We currently provide a recycling crate to owners of houses in new subdivisions, or you can buy a crate from us at our Customer Services Centre, 16 Cobham Court, Porirua for $15.00. 

Recycling must be kerbside by 8 am on collection day. 

We collect rubbish and recycling in all weather, it doesn’t matter if your recycling gets wet.  You should flatten and fold large boxes so they fit in the crate, and tie paper and cardboard in bundles to prevent it being blown away.

Recycling needs to be household quantities. If the official Council crate is not used the alternative container should be of a similar size. Cardboard boxes should be flattened and folded so they are of a size that could fit into the official Council crate. Alternatively residents can take their recyclables to the Council’s Bulk Recycling drop off point at Spicer Landfill.

Sometimes the recycling is sorted as it is collected by our service providers depending on the type of truck used.  At other times the items are sorted when it is delivered to the recycling facility.

What you can recycle

You can recycle:

  • clean paper or cardboard
  • clean brown and green or clear bottles and jars 
  • empty and clean aluminium and steel cans (labels don’t have to be removed)
  • clean, empty metal paint cans up to 4 litres 
  • plastic household containers and bottles
  • empty aerosol cans

Rinse containers to reduce smells and health issues. Lids can be on or off bottles.

Items that won’t be collected

Rubbish bags containing these items won’t be collected:

  • explosives, hot ashes, highly flammable or infectious materials, or any material not from a household.
  • liquid, acid, printer’s ink, paint or any other sticky fluid.
  • broken bottles or glass, broken crockery or other sharp articles (unless they’re wrapped to prevent injury).

These materials can’t be recycled and will be left behind if put out with your recycling:

  • waxed or foil lined paper or cardboard, such as fruit juice cartons, hot chip cups and disposable coffee cups
  • broken, ceramic, frosted, window, mirror or drinking glasses, light bulbs or Pyrex
  • silver foil including food trays, ice block wrappers and chippie packets
  • plastic food wrap and polystyrene
  • aerosol cans if they are not completely empty.

Door collection service

If you can’t easily move around, we can collect one official Porirua City bag of household rubbish and a crate of recycling from your back or front door.

You’ll need a written statement from your GP confirming that your mobility is limited.

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