Recycling collections

Better recycling is here – go green with our yellow and blue bins.

Recycling calendar

Check our online recycling calendar to find out when to put your bins out and print a copy of your zone calendar.

Recycling wheelie bins

We provide each household with two bins:

  • a 240 litre bin (yellow lid) for mixed recycling 
  • a 140 litre bin (blue lid) for glass 

Recycling wheelie bin - yellow lid Recycling wheelie bin - blue lid  - small 

Each bin has a unique serial number, specific to your address.

What can I recycle in the bins?

Please put these things in your mixed recycling (yellow lid) bin:

  • plastic containers
  • pottles
  • plastic bottles
  • aluminium & tin cans
  • empty aerosol cans
  • cardboard & paper, including windowed envelopes, magazines, junk mail, clean pizza boxes & egg cartons

Please rinse your items clean before you put them in the bin.  There's no need to bundle items together.

Please do not put these in your bin:

  • rubbish
  • polystyrene, such as meat trays
  • foil packaging
  • plastic food wrap
  • milk cartons
  • food scraps
  • electronics & batteries
  • wooden items.

See our other recycling options page for how you can recycle these items.

Recycling wheelie bin - yellow lid

Please put these things in your glass recycling (blue lid) bin:

  • glass bottles
  • glass jars
  • it's okay to leave the lids on the bottles & jars

Please do not put these in your bin:

  • drinking glasses
  • light bulbs
  • pyrex glass
  • broken glass  

See our other recycling options page for how you can recycle these items.

Recycling wheelie bin - blue lid

Your mixed recycling will be collected every two weeks. Glass will be collected every four weeks. 

A recycling calendar was provided when your bins were delivered. 

The table below shows the days, but you need your zone calendar to find out which weeks to put your bins out.  

You can use our online calendar to confirm your zone and days, by typing in your address. 

Day Area
Monday Titahi Bay, Elsdon, Takapūwāhia, Kenepuru, Rānui (part) and rural areas
Tuesday Rānui (part), Cannons Creek, Waitangirua and Ascot Park (part)
Wednesday Ascot Park (part), Aotea, Papakōwhai and Paremata
Thursday Whitby
Friday Pukerua Bay, Camborne, Plimmerton and Mana

Wheel your bin(s) out to the kerb or your usual collection point by 8am on your collection day. 

Leave space for pedestrians to get past, and make sure your bins are clear of driveway entrances and vehicles so the truck can grab the bin easily.

The mixed recycling bin has a bin clip. This stops things falling out and blowing around if the bin falls over – but the clip opens automatically when the truck empties it.

Make sure the writing on the bin is facing the road, so the truck can grab it for emptying.

Try to bring your bin back in to your property as soon as you can after it has been emptied so it doesn't blow over or block the footpath.

You're welcome to paint your address on the bin - just make sure it doesn't cover the serial number.

Bins were delivered to all Porirua residences in 2018 when we switched to bins from crates for kerbside recycling.

Each bin has a unique serial number specific to your address, so needs to stay at the property if you leave.

If you’ve moved to a house in Porirua and there aren’t any bins, or if it’s a newly built property please call our contact centre on 237 5089.

We no longer pick up recycling in the old crates or other containers – the trucks aren’t set up to do this. 

Rubbish is collected weekly on your usual day.  Put your official Porirua City Council black rubbish bags out by 8am.  See our rubbish collections page for more information.  Other types of bags will not be accepted.

Please don't put rubbish in your recycling bin. If you do, we can't collect your recycling.

At the moment paper, cardboard, glass and cans are recycled in New Zealand, and plastic is exported to Malaysia and Indonesia. 

Recycling is great, but don’t forget to also reduce and reuse when you can. Here are some ideas:


  • can you or someone else use your unwanted items?
  • donate clothing and textiles to Trash Palace, op shops or charity clothing bins
  • offer books or toys to local kindys or hospitals
  • search the internet for ideas on how to reuse items


  • use reusable shopping bags
  • don’t buy heavily packaged items
  • buy second hand
  • reduce food waste

Have a look on our waste minimisation page for more information.